Digital Advertising Company DATx, Partnerships with Avazu to Bring Super-Speed Blockchain

Mar 04, 2018 at 09:51 // News
 DATx partners with Avazu

Cosima foundation launches digital advertising blockchain DATx, which aims to help the user advertise to their target market accurately with an ability to support breakthrough TPS of 1 million. Cosima Foundations DATx is a brand new blockchain in collaboration with Avazu, a leading advertising platform.

A.I & Big Data

It is often difficult to cut through all the clutter of fragmented user behavioural data to pinpoint target users, to deliver advertisements that are not only good, but meaningful. DATx’s blockchain technology has been paired with artificial intelligence and big data solutions, aiming to resolve the current challengers which are at a direct concern within the advertising and marketing ecosystem, not using the usual generic one-for-all approach. Showcasing such  impressive technology, having the system complete user behavioral patterns, observing the users landing time on each advertisement and weather or not they actually bought the product - DATx will improve user experience to no end.

This is a completely transparent, multi-stakeholder, record of end-to-end users behavior data, where users are then able to refine their audience, using direct methods for targeting a specific audience, while having access to a specific tool-kit, enabling advertisers to deliver a precise advertising only to relevant users

One Million Transactions Per Second

The DATx platform is based on a decentralized protocol, aimed at building a blockchain which has the capacity to support one million transactions per second (TPS). Currently, the fastest blockchain is only able to support tens of thousands of transactions per second. To realistically achieve the one million TPS, plans are already underway to develop a robust data storage and a better consensus mechanism for DATx.

Avazu will be the first advertising platform to be compatible with DATx, enabling the user to customize any kind of native advertisements and acquisition of its customers, Avazu currently supports over 100 million active daily users and is capable of processing one million requests per second.


Active and Dynamic Interactions

As the DATx platform inventivises and encourages users to take part and provide feedback, which helps advertising platforms to enhance their user targeting algorithms in delivering relevant advertisements to their target audiences. This helps in promoting dynamic and positive interactions among the whole ecosystem.

After the launch, DATx has established itself as a user-orientated behavior archive for advertising needs but will upgrade its protocol to be on that can intuitively recommend content within a 12 month period using its analytical methodologies. It aims to eventually evolve into an advertising ecosystem that enhances value for creation in its five-year road map.

The Team

The DATx core team members comprises of over 80 engineers, product managers, architects and UEX experts, while other core members for the development of DATx include senior executives from Avazu. It is been made official that cryptocurrency, DATx token is now open for sale to institutional investors, with a total of 10 billion DATx tokens issued.

About DATx

DATx is dedicated to developing a favorable, unified protocol for the entire advertising ecosystem. It aims to build an all-encompassing set of effective, secure and benefit-maximized advertising ecosystem, leveraging on blockchain technology, and combined with artificial intelligence and big data solutions to resolve industry-specific challenges.

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