DataBroker DAO: Sensor Data Exchange Platform Announces Worldwide Roadshow Dates

May 03, 2018 at 13:19 // News
Databroker DAO is on the road

Decentralized blockchain platform DataBroker DAO, offers both everyday users and large companies the option to buy and sell something called ‘sencor data’. This Information is used for research and analysis to be freely traded on the market. DataBroker DAO have announced their tour dates for their world-wide globe trotting roadshow, which is set to commence on April 16th.

In the last 10 years, there has been a huge expansion of mobile technology and most people now own at least one device. These sensor devices are now the norm and will only grow in popularity as the technology advances. DataBroker DAO intends to give device users the ability to sell their data to buyers, in what might prove to be a huge market in the future.

Currently, data such as this is most commonly purchased by organizations and researchers for a very expensive sum, from large data companies. This area is one that has become a hotly debated in regards to the ethics surrounding the ownership and security of the data itself. DataBroker DAO has taken away one of the needless intermediaries and replaced them with decentralized blockchain technology, that cannot be corrupted in an unethical way. 

On the Road

DataBroker DAO is taking part in different conferences and forums all over the world to meet individuals and organizations in order to inform and show people what the platform is capable of.

The schedule is as follows:

  • April 16-17: World Blockchain Forum, Dubai.

  • April 17-19: Eventhorizon, Berlin, Germany.

  • April 18-19: Blockchain Expo, London, UK.

  • April 19: Xero-In, Amsterdam, Netherland.

  • April 23-24: Smart Island World Congress, Mallorca, Spain.

  • May 2-3: Future Blockchain Summit, Dubai.

  • May 3: FPA Connects, Dubai.

  • May 2-5: AND& Festival, Louvain, Belgium.

  • May 3-4: Arch Blockchain Summit, Luxembourg,

  • May 3-4: Blockchain in Health, London, UK.

  • May 12-13: World Satoshi Summit, New Delhi, India.

  • June 6: IOT Smart Cities Convention Europe, Antwerp, Belgium.

  • June 11-14: MoneyConf, Dublin, Ireland.

  • July 9-13: Rise Conference, Hong Kong, China.

  • October 22-25: SIBOS, Sydney, Australia.

DataBroker Token Sale And Roadmap

The DataBroker platform is currently running it’s alpha version online so that users can begin to get used to the service and what the platform will later offer once fully realized. The DataBroker platform is now looking towards its main sale, which will run for a full month and offer participants 10% bonus on DTX tokens for its initial week.

The tokens will be available for trade after one week of the sale end on

The data trading platform will be running on mainnet from mid Q2, 2018. In addition, DataBroker DAO will also be integrating gateway operators into its system to allow for mass onboarding of sensor devices. The DTX tokens will be available for participants for $0.23 during the presale, with a bonus of 50%

The presale bonus requires participants to come up with a minimum of 10 ETH. The main event will see DTX bonuses being reduced to 10% in the first week.

DataBroker DAO Is aiming to help owners of isolated data collected from millions of sensory devices and offer them all an ethical and safe way to purchase the data. The platform gives data owners a way to earn by monetizing upon the data they only choose to sell.

Learn more about DataBroker DAO’s Platform –

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