Interest in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Education Increases

Oct 06, 2019 at 09:50 // News
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Many institutions of higher education globally are considering offering classes related to Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, blockchain and other emerging innovative technologies because of their much-acclaimed benefits.

This is a clear indication that students have started picking interest in discovering the potential of new disruptive innovations such as bitcoin, smart contracts, cryptoassets and other innovations emerging in the field of fintech. No doubt, the world is going digital at a very high speed, so it is now inevitable to avoid change. That is one of the reasons why students are now trying to adjust by taking classes of these trailblazing technologies such that they can fit in the changing community in the future.

Many giant companies have started entering into blockchain and cryptocurrency market, and they are on the hunt for professionals in these fields to help them build effective systems to serve their customers better. So if the students are well equipped with technological skills, they will be able to find themselves a high paying and noncompetitive jobs. Some companies recruiting blockchain engineers, executives and other experts include MasterCard Incorporated, Visa and others.

The demand for fintech developers and other specialties in this field grows daily. Moreover, they are offered good salaries that usually exceed that of the other fields. For example, in Russia, blockchain specialists are averagely offered 25% more money than other professionals.

Students Choose to Take Blockchain Courses

According to a survey of 745 US students aged 16 and over, conducted by Coinbase, it is clear that the number of undergraduates that undertook a cryptocurrency or distributed ledger technology (DLT) course in 2019 is twice as high as last year. However, it is not true that these students are majoring in these fields, but they just did it as an optional (elective) course unit while learning their specific degrees.

The study further noted that almost 70% of bitcoin and blockchain classes are offered in the branches outside computer science, and they include law, agriculture, humanities, economics and others. Currently, 56% of the globe’s top-notch 50 institutions of higher education give no less than one elective course on DLT or cryptocurrency. Twelve months ago, the number was at 42%, so there is a major increase of around 14 percent in fintech studies.

Some of the institutions offering blockchain and Bitcoin classes include; B9lab Academy, Cornell University, University of Nicosia ( UNIC), the IT University of Copenhagen, University of California-Berkeley, University of Oxford, Stanford University, Princeton University, The University of Cumbria, UC Berkeley, etc. Hitherto, some of the classes being offered include “The Anthropology of Money” and “Introduction to DLTs, Digital currencies, and Smart Contracts.”

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