HOLD Crypto Exchange Introduces Zero Fees and a Free Visa Debit Card

Oct 02, 2019 at 07:36 // News
Cryptocurrency exchange with zero fees

A new type of mobile cryptocurrency exchange and a card paying service will soon be in vogue, as users will be granted access to use the Visa network to make transactions happen between cryptocurrencies and fiat.

Fintech startup HOLD.io is the new cryptocurrency instrument through which adoption will grow as users buy, sell and exchange their cryptocurrencies. With what CTO Guilherme Almeida dubs the ‘all-in-one exchange in [users] pocket’, everyone can even spend crypto in stores without any hassle.

A Reason to HODL & Spend Crypto

The HOLD platform was introduced in 2018, and since then developments have been ongoing to launch the zero-fee crypto exchange platform. And now, coupled with the launch of their HOLD Visa Debit card, they are taking crypto accessibility to a whole new level.

The HOLD App and Visa Debit card has already seen a successful beta soft launch in a closed group, and the team has finally decided it’s time to extend to a larger subscriber base. The app is available in both Android and iOS, granting most of the users on both mobile operating systems easy access to the exchange app.

For now, users in 36 countries across Europe’s EEA zone will be given immediate access to the app upon launch, and then grow from there. Plans are being made to include Austria, Ireland, and Spain to complete the EEA list. The cards are free to order and will have no monthly subscriptions attached.

For those who will be able to access the account immediately, they can use their bank to top-up their Euro balance so long as their accounts are under the SEPA-region.


Apart from its aesthetic design, another important feature serving as a unique selling point for the brand is its ability to foster user-friendliness for users at any stage – newbie, novice, and expert, without compromising on security.

With the initial support for a few of the top cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, the HOLD app will allow its users to transact at great rates and with no hidden fees attached – including when crypto funds are exchanged for fiat currencies.

HOLD’s partnership with Contis accords them the privilege to use the Visa network to produce unique HOLD Visa Debit Card that allows holders of cryptocurrencies to shop with more than 46 million merchants globally. The use of the Visa Debit Card eliminates the need for banks and ensures that crypto owners don’t worry about multiple transaction fees, delays or possible rejection of transactions as they would be able to transact directly through the platform.

Another amazing feature of the exchange is that it allows users to freely determine when they exchange their crypto funds for cash rather than waiting for transactions that occur over PoS, therefore giving them more control to sell their crypto when more profitable. The exchange rates are touted to rival those of Coinbase and Revolut, making them all the more competitive.

Several months of developments have gone into the HOLD project and the team’s considerably confident in their expectations. Almeida also suggested that the team’s aiming high so as to provide customers with the utmost experience by allowing them to “buy, sell and exchange crypto and spend cash using their HOLD Visa Debit card whenever and wherever they want.”

License to Operate

HOLD already has the authority to operate under the Virtual Financial Assets Act, while it seeks to apply for the VFA Class 3 License from the Malta Financial Services Authority in November 2019, thereby making them in every respect compliant.

In addressing the most popular concerns of crypto wallet – custody – HOLD engages the services of BitGo, a leading digital asset trust company as the custodian of funds held on the HOLD platform. Whereas funds in fiat are securely held by banks within the European Union. The platform itself is well secure as the state-of-the-art fraud prevention systems meeting the highest standards are incorporated into the development of the platform.

To learn more about the HOLD platform visit the website https://hold.io/

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