Crushing Rakeback Effect! How to Make Extra Profit While Playing

Jan 19, 2022 at 09:36 // News
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Would you like to play and never lose?

Perhaps absolutely everyone would like to play and never lose. Do you think this is possible only in fairy tales? You are wrong! It's as real as the article in front of you. Today, we will tell you about one of the most popular bonuses in the gambling industry.

Rakeback is a bonus that gives extra income for each bet made. Thanks to this special reward system, players have an opportunity to receive a bonus for any bet placed regardless of the outcome. It doesn't matter whether you are an experienced gambler or a beginner, your bet was winning or losing - with Rakeback you will always receive your bonus! All you need to earn is to know how Rakeback works and which casino to choose.


So, what is Rakeback, and what's it for? 

First of all, traditionally, Rakeback is the returning the rake to the player. Rake is the payment for a poker game that the "organizer" (poker room, live casino, etc.) takes from each deal at the game. As a rule, it’s size is 4-10%.

Rakeback is a nice bonus in the form of a return of a certain percentage of the player's bet. This percentage ranges from 2% to 10% at different sites. An active gambler with a high wager has enormous chances of excellent earnings. For example, at 10% of a $10 000 bet, you will receive $1 000 in Rakeback. If the bet is winning, it will serve as a great incentive to play again.

As it was mentioned above, Rakeback is a real explosion in the field of online gambling. It's so important and enjoyable for all types of players. Rakeback conditions are the main indicator for players in the modern gambling industry. The percentage of Rakeback depends on the choice of a casino, poker room, or other playgrounds, which directly affects the profitability of the game. Not every platform can boast of Rakebake's presence and the chic conditions.

BetFury is a Leading Social Bitcoin Casino with lots of delightful games, activities, and bonuses including Rakeback. Users can get Rakeback at BetFury by placing bets in In-house games and Slots. A distinctive feature is that you can withdraw the accumulated bonus every 20 minutes, not once a day, week, or month. See for yourself - follow the link, and get profit every 20 minutes.

 Besides, Rakeback on the platform is calculated in the currency used by the player. For example, if you play with BFG, the internal token on the BetFury platform, the bonus will be credited in this coin. The maximum Rakeback percentage is 10%, and is charged according to a special formula:
Wager x House Edge(1%) x Rank coefficient. Thus, the more you play, the higher is your Rank, which affects the bonus coefficient. 


Rakeback is a great opportunity to increase your profit.  Every good player is always looking for favorable Rakeback conditions to receive additional funds from each bet. Thanks to Rakeback, any casino game can turn into a hurricane of emotions. 

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