Blockchain Summit Kyiv 2018

Jan 29, 2018 at 15:37 // PR
Blockchain Summit Kyiv

26 April 2018 will take place the Blockchain Summit Kyiv 2018, which will gather more than 800 participants and 30 speakers from around the world.

The summit will be held in two parallel streams from 10:00 to 18:00 in the conference-hall "UBI" (Kyiv, 8 Dorogozhitskaya Str.).

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Blockchain Summit Kyiv - is a grandiose event, where 30 world known experts from the sphere of cryptocurrency and technology Blockchain are meeting to share their experience in working-out interesting solutions using technology Blockchain.

On two streams (Main stage and Financial stage) will discuss the following topics:

- Analysis and forecasts of development of Blockchain;

- The introduction of Blockchain technology in business;

- The specifics of the own ICO in 2018;

- Cryptotrading. Who and what is manipulating the market?;

- Media & PR. How to "shoot" in the New year;

- What trends and future of Blockchain, Bitcoin, ICO;

- How to make your status bigger with help of cryptocurrency;

- What it is ICO and how to be its participant;

- How to use cryptocurrency in your own business;

- Legal aspects of cryptocurrency and Blockchain.

Speakers who have confirmed their participation:

  • Artem Afian - Managing partner "JUSCUTUM"

  • Lasha Antadze - Founder at Shelf.Network

  • Sandris Murins  - Sandris Murins

  • Igor Porokh - Analyst and trader at iTuber

  • Andriy Velykyy - Managing partner

  • Antonio Ruiz-Gimenez - Managing Partner at ATW Partners

  • Constantine Goltsev - CEO, Founder at SolidOpinion

  • Pasha Datsiuk - Head of Sales at Hotmine


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Place and time:

26 April 2018

10:00 - 18:00

Kyiv, 8 Dorogozhitskaya Str. - UBI Conference-hall.

Afterparty - Restaurant Café L'étage & Bel étage, Shota Rustaveli st., 16A

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