Blockchain Technology Has Been Applied to the Dog World

Jan 05, 2020 at 11:01 // News
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Blockchain can be a revolution for dog breeders

Blockchain and distributed ledger technology can be a revolution for dog breeders in Italy. The technology can be applied to any animal identifiable by microchip or other identification system, helping to counteract phenomena like abandonment, clandestine trade, genetic diseases and mistreatment.

Pinta is an Australian shepherd, famous on YouTube as the protagonist of the channel @QualaZampa of the blogger and dog trainer Irene Sofia, a few weeks ago the first dog in the world was successfully recorded on Blockchain network. The idea comes from Irene Sofia and her husband Marco Crotta, one of the leading Italian experts in the Blockchain sector, who have decided to use and test the potential of this technology right on their dog. is the first initiative of FattorePet, a digital marketing agency specializing in the Pet Care sector, which aims to establish an independent canine registry based on Blockchain, a simple, effective and economic technology that allows you to enter the network data unalterable over time, with a certain date and an owner identifiable by digital signature and permissionless making available the entire history of each item entered.

This feature is the best guarantee to guarantee that what is entered in the verified transactions corresponds exactly to the truthfulness of the data.

Blockchain for Life

Every year, 200,000 dogs are enrolled in ENCI and 8,000 cats are registered with various associations that issue pedigrees. Herd books are proprietary, cannot be accessed freely and a lot of useful information is likely to be lost. With Fauna.Life, one can create a connection between the pedigree and the microchip.

So far, there are numerous advantages deriving from the application of the Blockchain to this world: unification of the canine registry at national and international level including facilitation of movements and adoptions between various Regions; obstacle to the trafficking of puppies from Eastern Europe and contrast to the phenomenon of pet trade; possibility of having the family tree of the animals; connection of the microchip to all the information of the pedigree; and possibility of studies on the transmissibility of inherited genetic diseases with a very large sample and accuracy.

A few months ago, we also saw the technology being used in baby’s food to improve their safety by over 90% and prevent bad players from counterfeiting these foods.

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