Blockchain Collaborative Platform Offers Opportunity to Monetize Trading Strategies

Jan 23, 2018 at 07:46 // News
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Blockchain collaborative platform offers opportunity to monetize trading strategies

The fast-moving cryptocurrency market is seen as a very viable money making opportunity for speculators who take advantage of the regular swings that occur in the Bitcoin/Altcoin market. These market movements and volatility have given rise to an increase in the number of people who now engage in cryptocurrency trading activities.

Beyond Just Analysis

As the trading community expands, so does the search for more effective systems that could guarantee improved consistency in achieving winning trades. Littered across the internet are platforms and products offering algorithmic trading systems or signal subscriptions. Most of these systems are based on simple analysis of historical data and the hope of pattern repetition. The crypto market behavior in recent times proves to be beyond just historical repetitions, probably as a result of the market being still in the formative stages and the steady introduction of new crypto into the ecosystem.

Whatever the case, an established fact is that the cryptocurrency market is booming and becoming more complex and more people are becoming crypto traders. The problem therein lies with the combination of the people’s learning of various machine languages and human emotions involved in trading. This development makes it unclear how fast most traders translate from investing to mere gambling in the market without even knowing it.

A Collaborative Ecosystem

Signals is building a robust platform that will bring together crypto investors, traders and market experts to create a suitable environment that will enhance proper market navigation through collaboration. The platform will provide training opportunities, and also the monetization of trading strategies with a user-friendly interface. The user-interface will enable participation from everyone, even without any prior programming knowledge, thereby connecting crypto traders with data science developers.

Beyond enjoying a clearer understanding of the markets, Signals platform also provides the appropriate tools for users to build specific trading strategies which they can monetize by hosting then on various exchanges. The platform represents a decentralized assemblage where anyone can find expression for their trading ideas and make money by offering it up for copy trading.

A Platform for Everyone

The Signals solution is powered by sophisticated machine learning techniques developed by data science specialists in the Czech Republic and tied to decentralized supercomputers. This platform is also designed to offer new startups that are probably operating on low budgets the opportunity to access and run complex computations.

By this development, the platform will offer traders more education as they collaborate with other experts in building and optimizing smart trading strategies. Through the user interface, personal trading strategies can be shared and monetized by their owners. Also, Users will be empowered to make critical and transparent investment decisions while reducing the risks and creating tools of tomorrow.

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