Bitcoin’s Price Uptrend Triggers an Increasing Interest in Derivatives

Feb 22, 2020 at 10:07 // News
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Investor and analyst interest in futures has been rising since BTC derivatives trading volume rose

Investor and analyst interest in derivatives (futures) has been rising significantly since bitcoin (BTC) derivatives trading volume hit an all-time high last month. According to CME Group data, on January 16, there were 5,328 contracts for outstanding futures, amounting to 26,640 BTC (approx. US$237 million). This figure is said to be the highest since CME futures were first introduced in December 2017.

Overall futures trading volume also rose to its highest level. According to unofficial data from the media-released monitoring agency Skew Markets last month, global trade volume reached $25 billion, the highest level since October last year.

As the demand for derivatives increases and the market grows, exchanges are offering related products ahead of time. In addition to new companies, traditional major companies are also participating, and other derivatives such as futures and other options are available.

An industry insider said that a lot of investors are interested in futures, but there are also confusions over cryptocurrency derivatives exchanges and commodities, and the top exchanges are fixed, so looking at the top-tier non-performers and characteristics of those exchanges will help users choose the right exchange.

BTC/USD Price Level

At the time of press, the original digital currency is trading in the green and is standing at around - BTC/USD - $9,679 (0.7 percent), with a market cap of more than $176.44 billion and trading volume of more than $43.22 bln. The world’s top altcoin continues to dominate the market with over 62 percent.


However, in not more than a week, the price of BTC has declined from trading at $10.4k to $9.6k (a loss of approx. $800). This is a big loss for a big token like Bitcoin. And this current price is also very small compared to its all-time high price of $20,089 (on December 17, 2017).

As reported, the bulls failed to push the price above the minor resistance of $10,200 on February 18. 

The total entire market has also dropped. It is currently sitting at about $280.9 bln and the entire volume is sitting at $163.4 billion. It has been long since the daily trading volume of Bitcoin surpassed that of Tether (USDT).


The volume (24h) of Tether is standing at around $53.89B and that of BTC is at $43.22B (a difference of more than $10B). actually, some analysts believe that Bitcoin will decline and touch $9000 price level soon.

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