What Type Of Crypto User Benefits the Most from Crypto Payments and Transfers?

Oct 19, 2022 at 13:00 // News
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Swapin solutions are designed to instantly convert any cryptocurrencies to fiat

The cryptocurrency ecosystem is vast and growing, with new segments sprouting up faster than innovation can keep up. Early on, the industry consisted of miners and hobbyists who were in it for the tech.

As the industry expanded, it attracted new categories of users, including investors, speculators, traders, and more. Today, blockchain-based assets are used for a variety of applications that didn’t previously exist, such as NFT artists earning ETH for their works or DeFi users generating yields on staked crypto assets.

Let’s explore the different types of users who benefit the most from instant crypto payments and transfers from Swapin.

The types of users who benefit most from crypto-to-fiat transfers

Swapin CEO Evald-Hannes Kree launched the company as an early cryptocurrency user, faced with the challenge of cashing out BTC generated from Bitcoin mining operations. Due to Bitcoin’s notorious volatility, which was even more substantial at the time, and the lack of offramps into fiat, getting the funds necessary to pay expenses and upgrade equipment was always a hassle. 

It is exactly this type of user that Swapin solutions are designed for, and those that will get the most benefit from instant crypto payments and transfers. Other types of users that would benefit greatly are margin traders with a stack of profits that needs conversion into cash; DeFi users who want to take profit on yield farming efforts; NFT artists who have earnings to convert from OpenSea sales; crypto businesses that need money to cover operating expenses; and more. 

Plus, everyday crypto holders can also benefit from Swapin solutions to send money to friends and family, pay monthly bills, instantly access cash, or pay for products and services online using cryptocurrencies.


Understanding Swapin solutions and real-world applications

All Swapin solutions are designed to instantly convert any cryptocurrencies sent to fiat currencies like GBP and EUR and deposit them into a connected bank account without any further intervention from users. Swapin B2B and B2C products and services lock the exchange rate during the transaction, eliminating the risk of volatility loss and any barriers associated with using cryptocurrencies for payments.

InstaPay lets individuals and businesses send cryptocurrencies to anyone in the world with a bank account, which is seamlessly converted into fiat. Predefined Payments utilizes InstaPay technology and recurring payment templates to make paying monthly bills like rent, utilities, and more with crypto possible and easy. InstaFill connects a unique Swapin crypto wallet with a bank account so that each time crypto hits the wallet, the money is converted into fiat and sent to the bank account on file.

On the business end of Swapin’s lineup, both CoinCollector and the E-Com widget are offered to companies that want to provide crypto payments to their customers. CoinCollector lets invoice-based businesses collect crypto payments using a custom pre-filled payment link, while the E-Com e-commerce tool allows companies to accept crypto on-site via a plug-and-play widget.

How crypto users can benefit from Swapin tools

Swapin solutions are bridging the gap between traditional finance and the digital finance ecosystem. As that ecosystem continues to grow, so does the need for Swapin crypto-to-fiat payment services. Users from each unique category in crypto can benefit for different reasons. 

Whether you are a Bitcoin miner, NFT creator, DeFi user, trader, or otherwise, Swapin solutions can make your access to cash faster, more convenient, less costly, and more accessible than ever before. Try the Swapin app today and see for yourself why Swapin solutions are enabling crypto adoption to pick up the pace.

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