AVINOC: The Blockchain Solution Disrupting the Global Aviation Business

Jul 03, 2018 at 10:45 // PR
Blockchain startup AVINOC brings passengers, airlines, air traffic control, and travel agencies together with its advanced, decentralized technology.

AVINOC (Aviation Network Operation Chain) is a platform for the global General Aviation (GA) businesses, using a new concept and innovative Blockchain technology. AVINOC aims to bring the power of decentralization and the speed of blockchain systems into the GA, especially into the Business Aviation (BizAv) sector and as a second step consequently into the Airline Business.

Hong Kong –  Blockchain startup AVINOC brings passengers, airlines, air traffic control, and travel agencies together with its advanced, decentralized technology. The company looks to challenge the status quo of old centralized booking companies such as checkfelix.com or expedia.com. AVINOC’s Blockchain technology allows for direct link between players, while cutting out needless intermediaries and connecting passengers and airlines to flight bookings. 

AVINOC provides other services such as group bookings for increased organization and ease of use. The service will bring friends together in an all-inclusive platform, making the whole process simpler and easier. Blockchain technology allows AVINOC to contact its airline provider in a similar fashion to social media messaging apps. 

Aviation Disruption  

AVINOC is a blockchain solution for BizAv and the entire aviation business, and is building a strong foundation for solving problems in the Airline Business. Similarly to the way facebook first became implemented in Universities in America, AVINOC looks to be become the Facebook of BizAv, by scheduling Airline and Charter Business in a worldwide development roadmap. 

Since the 1960’s, the organization of airline air travel has been steered by the same technology but now a new contender has arrived. This system is generally known as the Global Distribution System (GDS). In this system, transactions are made between airlines and travel agencies that offer air travel to passengers. This market is dominated by three players worldwide. Apart from the GDS and as a more recent development, numerous price comparison and booking portals have emerged over the last two decades, separating airlines from customers and leading to a lack of transparency. Technical innovation is urgently needed to break this artificial overpriced system and to re-strengthen the airline market from the inside. 

AVINOC creates new concepts to manage the General Aviation Business and provides innovative solutions for airline ticketing, direct bookings, time saving and empowerment of the traveler through lower ticket prices. In addition there is a considerable cost reduction for airlines and operators. 

The AVINOC Token 

The strength of AVINOC is based on its generic model and the internal payment system, the first incarnation of which will be an ERC-20 token published on Ethereum. The token is a utilization token and will be traded on exchanges and circulated globally. AVINOC token will be required for writing data into the blockchain and as a means of spam protection and process optimization. It will be used for payments within the system e.g. to pay for tickets, crews, fuel, airport fees, handling, ATC (air traffic control), maintenance and much more. 

There is a fixed amount of 1 Billion token, 40% of which will be for sale to the general public. The issuing price of each token will be USD $0.05 at the token sale. 

Learn more about AVINOC here –  https://www.avinoc.com/
Read the AVINOC Whitepaper –  https://static.avinoc.cloud/downloads/AVINOC_Whitepaper_en.pdf
Find AVINOC on Facebook –  https://www.facebook.com/avinoc.io/
Follow AVINOC on twitter –  https://twitter.com/AVINOC_ICO
Check out AVINOC on LinkedIn –  https://www.linkedin.com/in/avinoc-ico/
Join the AVINOC official Reddit page –  https://www.reddit.com/user/Avinoc-ICO
Join the AVINOC team on Telegram –  https://t.me/AVINOC 

Media Contact 

Name: Gernot Winter
Location: Hong Kong

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