Sasha Ivanov

Alexander Ivanov, founder and CEO of the Waves Platform, is an expert in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. He graduated from the Faculty of Theoretical Physics at Moscow State University (MSU), undertaking further postgraduate study at Leipzig University in Germany. 

Ivanov took an early interest in electronic currencies and became involved in programming bots for the international forex markets. He later launched the first instant cryptocurrency exchange service, Coinomat, and several other cryptocurrency ventures. In 2016 he announced Waves, a custom tokens blockchain platform, and went on to crowdfund $16 million in bitcoin investment.


Apr 21, 2017 at 14:13
IMO as an Expert
Where are Crypto Exchanges Heading?
Given that Waves has its own decentralised exchange, I’m often asked about the prospects of development for crypto exchanges. As the blockchain sector grows, will they continue to exist as niche products, or will they be absorbed by the current market leaders? The answer is a little more nuanced than that, and rests on an accurate understanding of what blockchain offers.