ARK Brings Crypto Freedom to Millions Through Mobile Wallet Release Announcement 

Jan 03, 2018 at 11:14 // News

Cryptocurrency disintermediation of financial transaction and immutability of records is redefining the concept of money. However, for all the benefits cryptocurrencies bring to the table, most people remain hesitant about fully investing in it due one concern: mobility.

The world is increasingly becoming mobile. There are over 2.1 billion smartphone users currently, with projections placing this figure at five billion by 2019. These portable devices have become an extension of self, enabling users to communicate, socialize, transact, and interact anywhere, anytime.

However, when it comes to utilizing cryptocurrencies, most users are forced to revert to either a PC or Mac to download the wallet, then sit twiddling their thumbs while the wallet synchronizes. Innovative blockchain platform, ARK, is pleased to announce the release of its much anticipated mobile wallet. The release marks another monumental achievement for the forward-thinking company following its successful listing on the world’s leading, decentralized exchange OKEx.

Users can now take ARK with them wherever they go. They can now send ARK, check their balance, and vote for delegates on the go. What's more, no sync is required before using the wallet. The mobile wallet is a hybrid application developed on the same codebase for both Android and IOS, ensuring that their development is well coordinated. The wallet uses Ionic framework and ARK’s proprietary TypeScript API to interface with the ARK network through any compatibility device anywhere, anytime.

Despite being in a Beta release, ARK Mobile Wallet is packed full of exciting and streamlined features for a robust experience. However, users may experience certain quirks and bugs due to the current experimental state of the wallet. Users are advised to forward reports to the development team if they should come across such hitches. They are also encouraged to provide feedback in order to improve the wallet in upcoming releases.

Highlighted Features

  • Existing users can import their passphrase from PC or MAC wallet through QR feature or manually copying and pasting

  • Generate new passphrase for new users

  • Encrypt access to wallet profile through a custom 6 digit PIN (AES256+PBKDF2).

  • Available interaction on the wallet includes: sending, receiving, voting, unvoting, and registering a delegate.

  • Connections to both the mainnet and devnet.

  • Ability to generate for additional profiles for different ARK addresses or networks

  • Address book to add favorite contact addresses.

  • Ability to check total balance of the user’s combined ARK addresses.

  • Wallet backup .

  • Change PIN .

  • Clear Data (note: this will also delete all of your wallets so if you haven’t yet you should make a backup!).

  • Network status overview with the ability to change peer.

  • Current market value and weekly movements.

  • Support for showing data in different FIAT currencies.

Setting up ARK Wallet for Android

Download the ARK App Online:

Or launch Google Play store on mobile device and search for ‘Mobile ARK’ and install. Requires Android 4.1+ to work.

Setting up ARK Wallet for IOS

    1. Install Ionic View - Test Ionic Apps

    2. Open and click the eye at the bottom

    3. Enter the ID 0894ffa2 and “View App”

    Note: This is currently a workaround as the application is still awaiting approval from Apple (who very strict with finance and cryptocurrency apps). Soon as the final approval comes through, the community will be notified via social channels. The QR scanner is also not compatible with ‘Ionic View — Test Ionic Apps’ so it won’t work on iOS.

The Future of the ARK Wallet

ARK will add finishing touches to the mobile wallet based on feedback from ARKs community developers and users. They also aim to integrate:

  • Ledger Nano S support via On-the-Go (OTG) cable/adapter.
  • Dark theme.
  • The ability to use ARK wallet for current or future ARK blockchain-based projects and add custom network types from a single IP address (eg. your own ARK-based chain or for instance Kapu, Blockpool, …)!
  • Optional ability that enables users to use Fingerprint to unlock their wallet instead of PIN.
  • Notifications of receiving transactions.
  • Adding more localizations through community support.
  • Saving generated passphrase to PDF.


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