Altcoins Prices: The Uptrend is “Contagious”

Nov 16, 2017 at 20:52 // News
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Altcoin price analysis

Another day has made hay of the gloomy forecasts about the downfall of altcoins.

Since Bitcoin has stabilised from its crash, the most popular altcoins have steadily been increasing in price. It is so far unknown if the uptrend is sustainable, and no one expects a drastic rise of any of the coins. 

However, it seems the support of cryptocurrencies is increasing. This is probably due to  Senator Paul Rand’s announcement of the cancellation of the individual mandate portion of Obamacare in line with tax legislation. This has a negative effect on the dollar, making people turn to cryptocurrency. 

Repple 16.11.jpg

Ripple showed the biggest increase of the last 24 hours. By the evening of Thursday, November 16, its price rose by 13.66%. You will have to pay $0.240445 for an XRP now. It was anticipated the price was going to step over the $0.2200 threshold, so no one got actually surprise by such a leap. 

LTC 16.11.jpg

Litecoin price rose by 0.19% ($63.97), which is the humblest rate of increase for the past 24 hours. Its trading volume has also increased thanks to Bithub’s efforts. 24-hour LTC trading was almost twice that of GDAX and Bitfinex

BCH 16.11.jpg

Bitcoin Cash has shown another fall, by drastic 15.69% ($1024.85). It seems the investors hadn’t turned away from Bitcoin as some might think after all. Besides, the withstanding of those two coins continues. And it is anticipated to continue further. Get yourself some popcorn to watch it. 

ETH 16.11.jpg

Another “fallen coins” of today are Ethereum and Dash, however, their fall is almost invisible as compared to BCH. ETH price has decreased by 0.87%, so you would have to pay $328.92 for a coin. The price of Dash decreased by 0.96%. It now costs $417.78. Dash seems to be significantly volatile recently. For example, on November 15 it showed a decrease and then increased back, so an up-to-date result is probably not a trend. 

Dash 16.11.jpg

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