Aeron: The Future of Aviation and the Blockchain

Jun 23, 2018 at 11:33 // News

The modern world has progressed at a staggering rate. this can be attributed to breakthrough technological innovation. Most notably, blockchain technology has revamped and improved numerous industries in recent years. Blockchain technology is in its relative infancy, however a number of established industries have been disrupted. One industry of note is aviation.

Aviation has become one of the most popular and safest methods of transport. In 2017 the aviation industry boasted a total market capitalization of USD 2.5 trillion dollars. Almost 4 billion passengers and 104,000 flights are made annually. A study held by Boeing, in their 2017 Boeing aviation market outlook, shows that the number of both passenger, and freighter fleet is set to double by the year 2037.

Aviation coupled with blockchain technology has the potential to unite the world. Aviation is considered one of the safest modes of transports, however like all transportation there is an element of risk. The number of accidents related to air transport averages to about 3302 yearly, which can primarily be attributed to human error.

The Aeron Solution

Introducing Aeron, an innovative blockchain-based platform that is set to improve aviation safety and potentially change the world. Aeron looks to eliminate some of the prominent issues in aviation. This ranges from pilot training and flight school management, including flight log forgery, aircraft flight hours underreporting, stopping any sort of modification or distortion of logged data and replacing an outdated system with new technologies and sophisticated tools.

This innovative blockchain solution looks to minimise the possibility of loss distortion or forgery, while significantly reducing the risk of fatal accidents. Information and data is left transparent and easily traceable, which allows authorities to improve safety.

The Aeron Journey

Aeron are cruising to success, after hitting many groundbreaking milestones. The team are proud to announce the successful completion of the Pilot mobile application launch to Google Play and Apple App Store, along with aviation marketplace backend been integrated onto the blockchain. The Aeron team are on track for another exciting new chapter which is due towards the end of June, 2018. Aeron are proud to announce token payments on on, using the Aeron native token (ARN) to facilitate transactions for these aviation services.

Aeron, Blockchain Data Repository

The Aeron application looks to solve the inevitable issues that result from the human factor in aviation. Once fully deployed, the application will flag any discrepancies between the Aeron data sources: a pilot, an aircraft  operator, and Air Traffic Control (ATC) data where available; the app will further enable aviation authorities to detect any issues that may have risen.

The application will also keep up to date records of pilot licences, flagging expired licenses or pending renewals. Technological breakthroughs of this nature highlight the potential benefits of blockchain technology in our daily lives. For the first time, the aviation industry will benefit from efficient and transparent systems based on the blockchain. Aeron CEO, Artem Orange said:

"We are proud to announce that we will integrate the ARN token to be the payment method of choice for We are all excited for the future of Aeron, we believe putting the passengers safety first, a vital part of our company beliefs. The development team are hard at work finishing off the decentralized storage portal next. We are on track at what looks to be a very successful year, and I would like to say thank you to everyone that has and continues to support Aeron."


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About Aeron

Aeron is on a mission to revolutionise the aviation industry with blockchain technology. Aeron’s vision is to make flying safer so everyone can benefit. The team is comprised of aviation professionals and development and design experts. Aeron are not only improving the aviation sector. Their goal has the potential to connect the world.

To find out more on Aeron’s exciting new chapter, visit the website. Read their Whitepaper here and don’t forget to chat on Telegram. Aeron are elevating themselves to new heights so join the community and follow on social media.

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