ZEROONE vs the Crypto Industry: Why CFX Quantum Matters

Sep 07, 2020 at 20:19 // PR
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Why CFX quantum matters

Blockchain right from its inception with Bitcoin has always been about disruption. Even beyond the blockchain world, the wider industries around the world have seen huge disruptions borne out of better technology and change in times.

The financial industry of the world has long been due to a massive shake-up. A lot of Blockchain projects with links to the industry have all but fallen short of providing the changes that the markets need to transit to the next level. This is why CFX is a huge deal, not just for the financial industry, but its also a huge win for blockchain as a calling. 


The blockchain industry as a whole can do with a plethora of highly credible projects that counter the negative narrative that scam cryptos and other non-viable projects project on the industry. Creating any sort of coin or token is easy, but starting a cutting-edge blockchain project will real-life use is a whole different ball game. With CFX targeting the world’s financial markets, the dream of the brightest blockchain minds of getting this technology mainstream might yet be achieved. 


Majority of the world’s population still knows very little about the blockchain technology. Those that know something are mostly misinformed and bogged down with the idea of how complicated the technology is. This understanding drastically needs to change, and CFX with its ZEROONE product is just about to do that. With a seamless wallet that allows for multiple use purposes, ranging from storage to HODLing to trading, blockchain is about to enter the hands of the ordinary person. Ease of use and excellent customer experience is what the CFX wallet is about.


From digital cash with Bitcoin to the supply chain industry, blockchain is one of the most versatile creations of man, ever. The world’s financial industry controls who gets rich every day. With the CFX platform, the industry is about to truly become blockchain’s new frontier. Experts have the hope that this platform will democratize the markets, and grant equal access opportunity to the little man down the road. With so many projects failing to truly make headway into the financial industry, CFX is about to make history.


What’s better than one great technology? Two, right? The blockchain in itself is a formidable giant that is making strides in many industries, and different applications. CFX is more than just the blockchain technology as it is also powered by the next phase of computing, Quantum. The potential impact of this potent combination cannot be overemphasized. Its ability to make this technology available to you and I is one of the greatest coups that will forever leave its mark on the financial world. Blockchain needs all the help it can get, and Quantum computing is the best ally it can hope for. 

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