YouTube Removed Most Viewed Bitcoin Videos for Breaching Rules

Dec 26, 2019 at 13:22 // News
Coin Idol
Famous cryptocurrency and blockchain YouTuber is experiencing some serious challenges with YouTube

The famous cryptocurrency and blockchain YouTuber, Chris Dunn, who has more than 200k active subscribers, is currently experiencing some serious challenges with YouTube.

The platform stripped and deleted the mainstream cryptocurrency and Bitcoin material produced by Chris for suspecting him to have violated and breached public (community) rules and policies.

Via social media platform, Chris told his followers that he regrets of not putting his videos and other useful content some time ago on blockchain-based distributed platforms. He said that this is the right time for us to have decentralized web.

The Deleted Cryptocurrency Content

He has shared a screencast indicating that he is pushing to appeal the illegal stripping of his cryptocurrency video content that had the following headings: 50 Cryptocurrency Trading and Investing Lessons from The Past 5 Years; How I’m Investing Right Now; 17 Lessons for Traders and Investors; Is Bitcoin (BTC) Really Money?; How to Trade The 5 Major Crypto Market Cycles; Tim Draper’s Prediction – How Blockchain Will Change the …; and The Future of ICO. Every title has been docketed as a destructive or hazardous info.

The deletion of the contents has brought massive discussion concerning Dunn’s next superlative action, and some content creators within the cryptocurrency world have proposed other decentralized protocols options like LBRY, VibraVidInc, Streamanity, Twitter, Uptrennd, and many others. However, some Bitcoin advocates including Paul McNeal, Mitch, etc. have come up to agree and disagree with the suggested alternatives.

According to the video hosted on YouTube and LBRY, Omar Bham, a YouTuber with more than 119k active subscribers reacted that he needs to understand if the video-sharing platform is categorically censoring, inspecting and redacting digital currency content. Omar pointed out that a lot of virtual asset YouTubers have seen their contents deleted and even receiving channel strikes. 

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