Gig Economy Goes Blockchain: WONO Aims To Become A New Leader In The Segment

Jun 06, 2018 at 11:30 // PR
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In the world of fiat currencies services usually, occupy single market niches to focus on certain customer’s needs. And that makes sense. On blockchain, this logic will never work -
say founders of WONO startup who have an ambitious idea of making a worldwide blockchain ecosystem for sharing any physical or invisible assets.

The business concept is based on the idea that all benefits of blockchain can be implemented if users have the ability to be vendors and customers at the same time. This is what WONO actually offers. You can monetize anything you possess: your home, your car or even your time and talents as a freelancer. And then, when renting something out or perform a job for someone, you earn tokens and can spend it on anything you like.

The best case to illustrate advantages of such an environment is a vacation. Imagine that you wish to rent out your flat in the US on Airbnb and then rent a flat in Europe on a trip.

You’ll have to pay up to 23% commission two times (it’s landlord plus tenant commissions which are always included in the price after all) and convert US dollars into euros. And if you rent out your flat more than 14 days in a year, add a tax which can be around 30%. Total loss is astonishing.

And here how it’s done on WONO. You rent out your flat signing a smart-contract. This guarantees that your customer will pay for the rental. WONO has a trusted deal mechanism which lets you spend tokens locked in your smart contract, and yet to be paid in future, immediately. So you choose any flat in Europe you like, don’t care about currency exchange (WONO token is the same in every country). What’s more, you as a vendor don’t care about taxes since tokens are non-taxable in the US until they are withdrawn. The transaction is so cheap and easy that you can afford a rental of a bigger home or a private car rental in addition.

As mentioned above, it’s not the only property that you can share on WONO. Freelancing is by nature a sharing of human resources and it’s also possible on WONO. In fact, it’s a global marketplace for everything is people’s possession. Which can be freely traded and exchanged on the blockchain. And by the way, what’s wrong with single-niche blockchain projects? “In order to survive, any innovation must make life more comfortable. Using 10 blockchain services and 10 cryptocurrencies, constantly exchanging them, losing time and money. This can work for some crypto geeks, but will never work in real life” - says WONO CEO Alex Esaulov.

Well, it’s all or nothing. Either you make a global blockchain sharing network, or let off chain centralized monopolists go on with their business. Let’s see how WONO will rival the giants. Proof of concept and token crowdsale are scheduled to the end of July.

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