Why Pay for Your VPN Bills With Cryptocurrency?

Dec 04, 2017 at 19:09 // News
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Pay VPN bills with cryptocurrency

2017 is definitely the year you should start caring about your online privacy, and the number of VPN users has hugely risen those past few months. Why?

In the USA, internet providers are now allowed to collect and sell their users’ data without their consent, while in the UK, more and more laws and regulations are being voted that aim at compromising citizens’ digital privacy. China and Russia are obviously not doing any better, since they are keeping up with their censorship policies and making sure local internet users are blocked from the outside internet and kept from expressing themselves freely online. Online privacy and anonymity is slowly but surely getting compromised, wherever you live – but the good news is there are two major ways to increase and preserve your online privacy: VPN and Cryptocurrency. 

VPNs (for Virtual Private Networks) are one of the best ways out there to increase and protect one’s anonymity and privacy on the internet, as well as encrypt your data-but when it comes to transactions, payments or banking operations online. Nowadays, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin offer similar possibilities for paying online. While VPNs offer a privacy tunnel for your internet access, cryptocurrencies offer freedom and privacy for your bank account, so it is no surprise those two growing technologies work together extremely well. 

As much as the number of VPN users has increased throughout the world, a lot of those users are looking into paying for TorGuard VPN services with cryptocurrency. Torguard as a company has always been very supportive of cryptocurrencies and its users eversince Bitcoin first came out, and as 2017, they can pride themselves in being one of the most versatile VPN providers as they accept all forms of cryptocurrency. (One missing from the list? Just ask them!) 

Why should you pay for your VPN with Bitcoin, litecoin or other Cryptocurrencies? You may wonder why you should pay for your VPN with cryptocurrency in the first place. Here are two major points you should consider as to why you should be paying your VPN bill with crypto. 

Financial Privacy for VPN Users 

If you want to pay for your VPN both securely and anonymously, it’s best to do it with cryptocurrency. That’s because when you are signing up for TorGuard services using cryptocurrency, you don’t need to provide sensitive information like your name, or your address. 

When using a credit card for payment, your billing information is required in order to prevent fraud and verify transactions. However, with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum, you simply send your crypto money to TorGuard’s receiving address, and that’s it: the transaction is complete, meaning no personal information is required for your VPN to be activated. 

Ease of Use 

It is actually much easier to pay for your TorGuard VPN subscription with cryptocurrency rather than using a credit card. Checkout is a lot quicker, since you don’t need to fill out billing information (phone number, address, name, etc), allowing you yo move through the payment system much faster. You won’t have to go and get your wallet to enter your credit card details. There might be a slight learning curve for this sort of new payment method, but it is becoming very simple to scan an address code with so many the mobile wallets available out there, be it for bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, and more. 

Which Cryptocurrencies Can I Pay With to Purchase TorGuard? 

TorGuard is one of the only VPN providers out there that accepts nearly every form of cryptocurrency. TorGuard offers numerous services with fair pricing for any user: their VPN package starts at $19.99 for 3-months, $29.99 for six-months, and a yearly plan only costs $59.99. What’s more, they occasionally offer extremely interesting deals such as their currently running exclusive promo code, that will allow you to get 50% off all services and features! (use code 1984 at checkout)

 TorGuard VPN accepts the following cryptocurrencies:
• Litecoin
• Bitcoin
• Ethereum
• Ethereum Classic
• Dash
• Zcash
• DogeCoin
• Monero
• BlackCoin
• NavCoin
• Novacoin
• Peercoin
• Startcoin
• Vertcoin
• CloakCoin
• Namecoin
• Nxt
• Potcoin
• Steem Dollars
• VeriCoin
• WorldCoin
• Primecoin

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