The more you trade, the more you earn: the VFIN cryptocurrency exchange and how it reinvents user rewards

Jun 25, 2024 at 10:32 // PR
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Cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more widely adapted and are even used by businesses and branches that were well known for opposing the concept, such as banks and financial institutions.

With the rise of cryptocurrencies, also many exchanges have made it onto the market. Binance, Coinbase and or Kraken are some of the more popular ones, to name a few. However, all the exchanges face several issues and tend to have many inactive users. This is something that the VFIN exchange wants to change. Aside from several unique features, the project offers special bonuses and extras for active traders in the form of rewards. In this article we will look at what those rewards are or how they work. 

What is the VFIN exchange?

The VFIN exchange is a new crypto exchange that is scheduled to launch in 2025. The project aims to solve some of the most common problems many exchanges face. To achieve this, VFIN is using a unique approach with some new concepts and ideas, which are currently not implemented by most other exchanges. 

Some of the new features the VFIN Exchange introduces are social trading, passive income, rewards for frequent activity, a high level of security and much more. Experienced and beginner traders alike are eager to see how VFIN will fare against the competition and how their approach to problem solving will work out.

How the VFIN exchange reinvents user rewards

One problem many exchanges face is the lack of activity on the platform. The average amount of transactions most traders do on exchanges today is only a couple and there are no other mechanisms to keep users on the platform, which would result in a higher trading volume. To solve this problem, the VFIN exchange has reinvented the way user rewards work. The goal is to encourage users to remain active on the platform every day, even if they don't do any trading. Let's take a look at how this is supposed to work.

Awards and badges

Users have the option to obtain a series of badges and awards that are shown on the profile. These badges and awards don't just look cool and give bragging rights, but sometimes come with special perks that allow a user to show off their experience or skills. There are badges for login steaks, for completing certain training and obtaining qualifications, but also for certain transactions and actions evolving around transactions, such as number of transactions done, the amount transferred, etc. 

Many of these badges and awards require regular activity on the VFIN exchange, however not necessarily the spending of money or completing many transactions. This encourages users to visit the exchange daily and gives them something to do, even when not trading any money or crypto. 

Lower transaction fees

Traders have the opportunity to save money on every transaction. The more transactions they perform, the cheaper they get. 

This is a big advantage as it really helps active traders who are the ones suffering from high fees the most. It makes trading on the VFIN exchange much more interesting and rewarding.

Earn passive income with the VFIN token

Users who decide to invest in the VFIN security token also receive a share of all the income VFIN makes through fees and transactions. This means that for each transaction they make, they get money back. It also means that every time someone makes a transaction, they get a share of it. 

The shares of revenue are paid to all investors as regular dividends. The exact amount depends on the amount of VFIN tokens the trader holds. This is a unique approach, not found on most other exchanges and makes the use of the VFIN exchange much more lucrative for traders. At the same time, token holders can benefit from the other advantages and receive awards or badges, or lower their transaction fees by regularly trading. 

Summary and conclusion

The VFIN exchange uses some unique features, such as user rewards and ways to lower transaction fees, combined with awards, badges, a social trading function and much more. The exchange also promises to solve many other problems found with current solutions on the market. 

If you are looking for more information or are interested in an investment into the VFIN token, please visit the project website or check out the white paper for more information:

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