Verasity's Newly Released GameStore Aims at Connecting Families in this Pandemic Season

Apr 14, 2020 at 07:35 // News
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GameStore can help families not to be bored in this pandemic season

Check this out, the Verasity's GameStore has been launched and a closer look at the platform shows it has been revamped with unique features. The aim is to ensure you and your family stay connected in this pandemic season. Therefore, you can catch all the fun you need even in the face of an epidemic.

So, have you been locked down for weeks unending without any close contact with your family? Are you counting down to the days or weeks to when the lockdown will finally be over? You're definitely not alone! And if you miss the bond with your family, here's a good way to stay in touch with those you love and ensure that the coronavirus outbreak and social distancing do not weigh you down.

Why Should You Try the Verasity Gamestore

Some reasons why you should try the newly released Verasity GameStore are:

Connect with Your Family and Friends

Recent reports reveal that over 245 million Americans, 16 million Italians, and 1.3 billion Indians are on lockdown due to the novel coronavirus outbreak. These values are also high in numerous countries around the world, and it can be said that half the planet is on lockdown. As such, families & friends have been held back in different locations, with hopes that they'll be reunited with their loved ones soon. And for those who are together, going through each day may become a challenge.

Now whichever applies to you, there's still an easy and seamless way to stay in touch with your family asides from voice calls or video chatting. You can spend your day with them without physically being present or liven up the day for everyone back at home. Here's how: It's with the use of a gaming store that has been loaded with hundreds of games in different genres. There are board games, card games, action, casino, arcade, to name but a few.

Make $$$s playing GameStore Jackpot Tournaments:

Each week Verasity’s GameStore host 3 tournaments of the most popular games on GameStore. So, as Verasians, you stand the chance to participate in the weekly tournaments. Interestingly, the player with the highest score per tournament will win the entire jackpot prize! Winner takes All. The winner will not only receive their prize, they will also be able to convert the winning credits to VRA. Moreso, they will also be notified by Verasity, within 3 days of the tournament end date, via their VeraWallet email address.

Currently, there are three active tournaments you can make money from -- the Golden Jackpot, Silver Jackpot and Bronze Jackpot Tournament.  According to this post, the Tournament started on Thursday 9th of April at 20:00 UTC and will end on Wednesday 15th of April at 20:00 UTC. Players can enter at any time during the tournament period.

Maintain a Healthy State of Mind:

Unarguably, the world is disturbed with the increasing infection and death toll due to this pandemic. If it's the same for you, staying glued to your television every hour to catch what's on the news can make it even more disturbing. Therefore, you can ensure that you maintain a healthy state of mind even when indoors while keeping depression, mood swings, and unhealthy thoughts at bay.

Research, for instance, shows that gaming has psychological benefits since it reduces anxiety, pain, trauma and livens our mood. This is because it challenges us to use our minds and bring out the best of our skills. There's the adrenaline pumping, heightened sensitivity, etc. And for kids, it makes them smarter. Accordingly, Verasity GameStore is a platform you should fall back on to ensure that while you're protecting your physical health, your mental health is also intact.

Features of the Verasity's GameStore

There are several features on the Verasity's GameStore and each has been built to offer users an enjoyable gaming experience. Here are some things you can look forward to:


To ensure you don't spend hours alone on the screen, this GameStore supports a single player, multiplayer, and even MMO player mode. It all boils down to this: On days you choose to go solo and just enjoy games on your own, you can. But if you choose to play with another member of your family, it's definitely possible. Now the MMO player mode takes it one step further to ensure the whole family can play at a time given that this mode supports a large number of users.


It's true that getting rewards while you game encourages you to do so. Which is why you're rewarded with game credits for your achievements. At a later time, you'll also be able to earn VRA (VRAB), the native asset of the platform. VRA is a cryptocurrency that can be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges for other digital assets like Bitcoin. Likewise, you can convert the asset to cash if you wish. That's gaming money in your pocket.


The newly launched Verasity GameStore has been designed to connect you and your family this pandemic season. No longer will you have to worry about how they're holding up during the day or how you're going to spend the next few days without them. You can keep in touch with them while at the same time staying safe.

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