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Jan 09, 2021 at 11:43 // PR
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The Long, Winding Road of Getting from a Manufacturer to Your Front Door is now a Straight Shot with Shipit Pro.

One of the most brilliant innovations over the last decade is the significant increase in your ability to go online and click a button to get everything you need delivered right to your door. It's simple: it's fast, it's easy, and it’s getting cheaper every single day.

But, the complexities of what lies beneath that simplicity is part of the root of perils and problems threatening to rip apart global economies and the sustainability of our environment. The ease of one click shopping and the shipment of single parcels from one part of the quote to another has resulted in a catastrophic rise in carbon emissions—which has run rampant, with no true optimization for e-commerce sellers, manufacturers, end users, and more importantly, people who want to see value growth from the unprecedented boom that is e-commerce shopping.

That’s why Shipit Pro is empowering people everywhere to seek an immense growth and value through the next revolution of e-commerce—by championing one simple solution: break carbon emissions down for every entity and streamline the e-commerce supply chain. 


SHPP tokens are estate in something very peculiar and unique with intense value potential. Shipit Pro, as a service and block chain appropriation, calculates the CO2 emissions of an entire parcels shipment, even as it crosses borders of multiple countries. This is particularly powerful for the European Union, as the region is looking to pass stringent carbon emissions laws and regulations which will impact businesses across every industry, and a wealth of global economies which are tethered together from the European Union to many Third World countries via their participation in the shipping and procurement of packaged goods and e-commerce.

At the same time, the European Union's new regulations will make tax management harder, which will push many businesses to look for cheaper means, or simply accepted the burden of increased costs. Shipit Pro has a green logistics module which will help optimize the partners and entities streamlined into a supply chain that will best fit every single e-commerce seller—reducing costs up to 80%. 

This will create an increased level of digitization of information for all parties involved—from sellers to their partners and end users. Part of the magic of Shipit Pro’s block chain appropriation is that all information exchange within the system, from personal to financial and otherwise, will be secured—and companies will have increased oversight which will help them verify and track all transactions which can be immediately oriented for regulation compliance purposes; with artificial intelligence employed to provide correct HS codes for taxation.

If you are looking to combat carbon emissions while protecting the ease of e-commerce and businesses looking to operate without taking on increased cost burdens from stringent climate policy regulations, Shipit Pro and SHPP tokens are for you. The potential for growth, as our world continues to turn towards a more e-commerce based existence, is mammoth—and the added values of cyber security and artificial intelligence immersion will only continue to streamline how businesses can operate across borders, while adding token value.

To take your stake in the next revolution of ecommerce, visit the Shipit Pro platform at, today!

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