Ubcoin (UBC) Releases iOS App, Ebay-like Crypto Marketplace

Sep 21, 2018 at 08:27 // News
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Now it is possible to sell or buy iPhones or any other items in exchange for digital assets, without engaging fiat money in these processes.

Ubcoin Market , global peer-to-peer Telegram-connected marketplace for exchanging real goods to cryptocurrency and back, announced the release of its iOS mobile app (Android and web versions are next to come out). Now it is possible to sell or buy iPhones or any other items in exchange for digital assets, without engaging fiat money in these processes. More info and link to download the app: https://ubcoin.io/en

Ubcoin utilizes the online marketplace model to create the world’s first truly efficient way to get cryptocurrency or spend it on tangible goods (clothes, art, iPhones, laptops, etc) without engaging fiat money in these processes. On the one hand, those people who do not have cryptocurrency yet will be able to become crypto investors in an easy and safe manner, simply by selling something that they own. On the other hand, expert crypto owners will be able to spend their crypto wealth on real goods without facing legal and financial obstacles related to converting digital coins to fiat money.   

"We feel excited to present a win-win model for the cryptocurrency world. Buyers have the possibility to spend their bitcoins and altcoins on something they need in daily life directly, without turning digital coins into conventional dollars, wons or rupiahs. Sellers can take advantage of the international user base and sell fast and without any marketplace commissions. They get cryptocurrency instantly and can hold it in hope that it rises in price or buy something on Ubcoin Market," - comments Felix, Ubcoin CEO.   

Ubcoin Market app has integration with Telegram: buyer and seller chat there anonymously, book items and generate QR-codes to finalise the deal. There is also an escrow service on the marketplace: buyer money are held by Ubcoin until the seller fulfilled his obligations. It makes the deal safe for both parties.   

UBC is utility token used on Ubcoin Marketplace as a means of payment. Buyers can use UBC that they got during Ubcoin token sale or buy them for other cryptocurrencies on COSS, IDEX or LATOKEN exchanges. Increasing user base of the marketplace can ensure growing demand for the token on exchanges.   

Ubcoin has been developing its own AI-based system based on deep neural networks to automatically moderate content on the marketplace, create personal recommendations and identify suspicious behaviour. Once integrated, it will minimise legal and ethical risks for the business and will make the use of the platform easier, more effective and pleasant.   

At the moment Ubcoin app is available for iOS users in three languages: English, Korean and Indonesian. Ubcoin, a Singapore-registered company, reaffirms its commitment to the Asian countries as key markets for the marketplace. Android version, web-version and localisation to other languages are coming as the next steps for Ubcoin. 

About Ubcoin Market

Ubcoin Market is a global peer-to-peer platform that is designed to bridge the gap between crypto and real worlds. Ubcoin is created by the team of Ubank app, the leading mobile payments app in Eastern Europe. Ubcoin closed a public token sale in the end of August and has raised several million dollars from private investors and some undisclosed amount from institutional ones – the Inventure fund and the Singapore-based Amereus fund. UBC token has been traded already on three exchanges - COSS, LATOKEN and IDEX.  More info about Ubcoin - on https://ubcoin.io/en

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