Tz Libre Announces Impending Tezos Fork

Jun 05, 2018 at 12:21 // PR

The TzLibre token will be launched on June 4th, 2018. TzLibre is a fork of DLS-Tezos, for Tezos contributors by Tezos contributors. It is a trustless and hard-capped implementation of the Tezos idea. On June 4th, TzLibre will start airdropping TZL tokens to eligible Tezos contributors

June 4th, 2018, London, United Kingdom: ​ TzLibre​ has confirmed a ​ Swissinfo report​ that​ ​ on June 4th 2018, the TZL token will be launched. TzLibre is a fork of DLS-Tezos, created by, and for, Tezos contributors. It is building a trustless and hard-capped implementation of Tezos. On June 4th, TzLibre will start airdropping TZL tokens to Tezos contributors who claimed them.

About TzLibre

TzLibre is a group of Tezos token sale contributors who fell in love with the Tezos idea, but were not satisfied with the previous management of the project. Contrary to popular belief, Tezos can be forked and this is exactly what TzLibre has chosen to do.TzLibre maximizes contributors interests at the expense of founders’ ones.

Why TzLibre?


TzLibre will protect contributors interests by defending Tezos Foundation independence against any external influence, including the founders’, and making sure Foundation funds are not monopolized by any single Tezos implementation or special interest.


In DLS-Tezos 20% of tokens are assigned for free to founders and Tezos Foundation. ​TzLibre​ has chosen to assign them to its network validators instead. TzLibre has also set an immutable hard-cap at 763M tokens.


TzLibre is implementing “eternity clauses” to address potential technical issues with DLS-Tezos on-chain governance. This hardcoded Constitution will protect from manipulations such as: transaction mutability, inflation of money supply, account freezing, etc.


Following investigations on Ripple, TzLibre has voiced concern about the potential threat of XTZ being labeled a security by the SEC. TzLibre is an independent team not associated with any business company and can’t be considered a security by definition.


The Foundation charter has been carefully crafted to allow it to fund multiple Tezos implementations. From the charter:

“[Tezos Foundation] primary – but not exclusive – endeavor is the promotion and development of the Tezos protocol and related technologies”.

TzLibre will assist the Tezos Foundation in following its charter and will continue to supports TzLibre, and any other legitimate forks.

The TzLibre Mission

The TzLibre team had hoped for former Tezos Foundation president Johann Gevers to keep his position. TzLibre believes his power would have been a healthy balance to founders’ power. TzLibre was born on March 22nd 2018, right after his ousting.


Information on the TzLibre fork is currently being censored in each and every Tezos community group (Riot, Reddit, Telegram, WeChat, QQ). Despite this contributors have shown strong interest towards the fork, with over 5% of Tezos contributors now following TzLibre on social media.


TZL will be traded on ForkDelta, world’s first decentralized and trustless exchange. Bids are already being placed on the exchange and trading will begin on June 4th. TzLibre tokens (TZL) will, therefore, be liquid before DLS-Tezos tokens (XTZ).


TzLibre is partnering with the Ethereum Commonwealth and the ZClassic community volunteer dev team. Both teams have extensive experience in blockchain forks. With ZClassic TzLibre also plans to raise public awareness on centralized “blockchains” created and run for profit by private companies.

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