Truegame Platform Drops New iGaming Technologies

Mar 05, 2018 at 14:29 // News
Truegame drops iGaming technologies

Games of change dominate the Internet, specifically in the form of a huge selection of online gambling. Gamblers can now pretty much bet on anything you can think of, from more traditional forms of online casino poker, to which actor will be the next James Bond. People spend millions of dollars every day hoping that they have a fair chance to hit it big.

When gamblers place a bet in the iGaming industry they currently have a smaller chance of getting a fair bet than in most other gambling circles like sports or horse racing. Gamblers in iGaming face issues of trust with their fellow players, in addition to casino managers or suspect betting algorithms. Players in this arena, in many cases, face a guessing game in regards to game integrity and trustworthy management.

Blockchain technology and smart contracts are starting to turn this industry on its head, as the technology offers the transparency, trust and provably fair experience not previously possible. Smart contracts are specialist, open-source programs that automatically distributes the winnings to a special open registry and can be verified by anyone.

Once the program determines a winner by chance, the prize is then automatically sent to the rightful recipient. Participants can expect transparency and that their win or loss chances are decided purely by mathematical probability only.

Introducing the True-Game Platform

Truegame is responsible for integrating these new technologies into iGaming and furthering their development to come up with a solution to unfair gaming practices by combining the thinking behind iGaming and the potential for provably fair gaming, made possible by blockchain technology. Individuals can also take part in traditional betting practices, such as scratch cards, lotteries dice and other games of chance, which can all be integrated with smart contracts.

The True-game platform was initiated in 2016 and now offers its users over a dozen different titles. In addition to games, there are other prize draws, gift boxes, dice, scratchcards, lotteries and more added to the collection. Truegame is a fully working smart contract-based iGaming project, with individual scalable architecture.

Bringing the Extra Factor

The Truegame platform is known for its unique content and has also developed its own architecture and website design to make it adaptable for more mobile devices. The site has also been integrated in a way that allows easier game implementation via smart contracts, and also enables the easy addition of new payment systems, integrate third-party services and “White Label” iGaming solutions to other market participants.

Adaptable to Needs

The platform's more individual styles of architecture allows the easy switch from the Ethereum blockchain system, which the platform operates on, to another different cryptocurrency blockchain or network. This allows an increase in the speed of processing transactions and also a reduction in expenses, while increasing the house edge. Truegame is one of the first projects that went beyond the players of the crypto industry and secured an audience of classical gambling and lottery players.

The platform's core development team is experienced and have already managed and designed over a dozen titles already. Truegame plans to release over 30 titles by the end of 2018.

Truegame tokens (TGAME) have tremendous growth potential. Here are some of the key growth indicators:

  • High level of project implementation

  • Small amount of funds to be raised under the token generation event

  • Unique games

  • Gambling license

  • Unique flexible architecture

  • Low cost of tokens on pre token generation event

  • Great thoughtful Roadmap

  • Specialists on traffic attraction in the team of the project

  • A strong development department

  • Top email marketing specialist in the team of the project

  • Agreements on token listing after the token generation event

  • Holders of Truegame tokens will be paid a percentage of sales

  • Truegame is the first project to receive a gaming License before the launch of a public token generation event


TGAME Token Sale

The Pre-Sale will run from 26.02.2018 — 18.03.2018 with participants contributing at least 0.2 ETH. Bonus on the first week of Pre-Sale is 40%, (1 ETH = 12,950TGAME). Bonus on the second week of Pre-Sale is 30% (1 ETH = 12,025 TGAME) Bonus on the third week of Pre-Sale is 20% (1 ETH = 11,100TGAME)

The Main Sale will run from 19.03.2018 — 30.04.2018, with a price of 1 ETH = 9,250TGAME, and a minimum buying amount of 0.1 ETH, and all unsold tokens will be burned.The TGAME token will be launched on crypto exchanges very soon after the completion of the token sale.

The team has an experienced listing specialist who successfully launched the Revain project token on the exchanges – market cap of the token amounted to about  $300,000,000 USD.

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