TriForce Tokens and Busca Todo Plan to Expand the Gaming Industry with Blockchain Throughout Latin America

Feb 16, 2018 at 16:39 // News
TriForce Tokens and Busca Todo plan to expand the gaming industry

TriForce Tokens is a Blockchain based gaming startup set to revolutionize the online gaming industry, TriForce has set its scope on the second-fastest growing sector in the world: The Latin American games market, in partnership with Busca Todo.

The UK-based blockchain gaming innovator has been recognized for its suitability to further empower the space in the most innovative ways, affording players new ways to earn while playing, with several organizations working within Latin American gaming industries having shown interest in using the FORCE token within there own gaming ecosystem.

Busca Todo, Owners and Operators of the #1 Video Game and PC Gaming Site in Chile

TriForce Tokens is pleased to officially partner with Busca Todo, owners and operators of, and the #1 Video game and PC gaming site in Chile:

According to the CEO of Busca Todo, crypto is well on its way to disrupting the gaming industry in a very significant way.

Cryptocurrency is the beginning of something great as it is already permeating markets that seemed so far out of reach years ago. We are truly excited about partnering with TriForce Tokens and revolutionizing the gaming experience in Latin America once more. Gamers in Latin America will now have the opportunity to earn money through gaming, as simple as that.

TriForce Tokens introduction into the Latin American games market allows players to pool together all of their virtual assets into a single space, independent of the game, studio, developer or platform. Providing some new avenues to play games and new ways to earn profit while playing as well.

Busca Todo and TriForce Tokens

TriForce holds its vision to progressively consolidate their position within the gaming industry through a number of well-focused partnerships, TriForce Tokens is now looking to partner with the Latin America Marketplace, alongside the leading publisher for video game content in Latin America Busca Todo.

With LatAm gaming industry organizations believing that TriForce Tokens native FORCE token, the company's digital asset could provide the solutions for this. Having approached the project to bring these solutions to the gamers and developers. Busca Todo will offer TriForce Tokens a range of services that will help it integrate with the LatAm gaming ecosystem

Could TriForce Tokens Bring a New Gaming Crypto to Latin America

LatAm gamers can already benefit from more advanced options than even their North American counterparts. Gaming enthusiasts money in LatAm is spent on games through mobile payments. Unlike in North America, most sales are via credit card.

There remains much to be done to revolutionize the industry, to bring it to the forefront in the LatAm region. Developers can still face a multiplex of challenges, raising capital to develop their ideas is still the most trying task. Continuing with persistent issues such as the lack of standard value that can be exchanged across platforms and games alike.

Danny ‘fRoD’ Montaner, E-sports manager of FaZe Clan and Overwatch coach, CS:GO professional and NA player of the Decade, recently joined the TriForce Token project as an advisor and agrees it is set to shape the future of gaming.

TriForce quickly caught Danny’s attention he stated in a recent interview, the aim that the company has centered their focus on a community-centered token, Not only is there various forms of protection and security, there is everything you would need to engage in the gaming ecosystem.

TriForce finds that multiple sources of revenue generation that is untapped for any content creator and developer it crucially important for the user. This is something the industry is lacking as there are no profitable solutions to engage in the community while securing the future of gaming.

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