Tokenized Fund invests in Flying-Car Venture

Feb 16, 2018 at 07:37 // News
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Token-based investment fund Token-as-a-Service (Taas) has invested 2,071 Ethereum (ETH) tokens in VIMANA Global’s efforts to develop an Autonomous Aerial Vehicle (AAV).

The popular nickname for AAVs is flying cars. VIMANA Global will try to make that dream a reality with a combination of the blockchain, distributed artificial intelligence (AI), and vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) technology.

“VIMANA Global's patent-pending vertical to horizontal flight transition technology will finally make VTOLs mainstream, thus reshaping contemporary airspace industry,” Ruslan Gavriluyk, the president, and co-founder of TaaS said. TaaS contributed the 2,071 to Vimana Global’s token generation event (TGE).

He noted:

“Furthermore, TaaS made this contribution to support the adoption of VIMANA's VTOL AAVs to tip the scale of air tower to AI transition in air traffic control, thus enabling the Blockchain Airspace economy” 

Blockchain Airspace could become a reality

"As more category-creating partners like TaaS join our TGE, Blockchain Airspace is becoming a reality,” Evgeny Borisov, VIMANA Global CEO and co-founder observed.

"It is extremely gratifying to find partners that share our vision of elevating blockchain to do everything from air traffic control to urban development,” Borisov said.

Borisov and his team believe that they have a patent-pending invention which will allow them to build a functional AAV. The VIMANA Global AAV is supposed to fly like an airplane, take off and land like a helicopter, and operates under remote control like a drone.

VIMANA is developing a blockchain-based air-traffic control solution for AAVs through its Smart City initiative. If successful, Smart City can form the basis for such services as air taxis and flying delivery vehicles.

Tokenized Fund TaaS believes in Blockchain Airspace

TaaS is a closed-end fund that invests in blockchain-based assets such as utility tokens. The TaaS organization consists of 23 experienced traders and developers based in Singapore.

Past investments by TaaS include Bancor, TenX, ICON, and Singularity. TaaS offers its own Ethereum-based token that trades as TAAS.

VIMANA Global believes in Blockchain Airspace

Redwood City, California-based, VIMANA Global is developing AAVs for a wide variety of tasks including commuting, crop dusting, oil and gas exploration, urban air mobility, rescue, surveying, and other uses.

VIMANA is planning a token generation event (TGE) for its VAIR infrastructure token in 2018. VIMANA wants to raise $35 million through the TGE, Global Banking and Finance reported.

Full details about VIMANA Global can be found at Details of the VAIR Token TGE will be revealed to those who sign up for VIMANA’s white list at its website.

More details about TaaS are available at and from TaaS’s official Telegram newsfeed accessible here:

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