Tigereum will Help Early-Adopters of Crypto Send Crypto to Their Non-Crypto Friends and Family

Nov 26, 2017 at 13:40 // News
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At the moment, crypto is a pretty exclusive club. Crypto is still the domain of early-adopters and tech-savvy people. Most crypto transfers occur between crypto friends and business associates.

However, early-adopters of crypto do have non-crypto friends.

The point is, you shouldn’t have to go to your digital wallet, convert some crypto to fiat, transfer it to a bank account, and then transfer it again to your non-crypto friend’s bank account, just to send money to your non-crypto friends. 

“Experienced crypto users may well have learned to navigate this process with ease by now, but there is a better way,” says Darren Olney-Fraser, Chief Executive Officer of Tigereum.

Tigereum is developing better ways for crypto people to interface more seamlessly with the fiat world in which their non-crypto friends and family live. 

Tigereum offers a new way to easily and securely send crypto to non-crypto friends and family without having to convert crypto into fiat, and without a digital wallet. 

“We aim to make it easier for you to securely send crypto to your non-crypto friends,” said Mr Olney-Fraser. 

Tigereum’s solution is based on a chatbot which will be available on all major social media platforms, starting with Facebook Messenger. 

“We will make it possible to send crypto to someone who doesn’t have a digital wallet, so they can deposit it directly into their nominated fiat bank account,” he said.

Tigereum’s prototype bot is available for testing, and feedback is welcome. 

Tigereum keeps faith with the principles of crypto - anonymity, encryption, blockchain and security – in the design of its customer interfaces. 

Tigereum believes its smooth customer solutions can also help bring more non-crypto people into the crypto world.  


About Tigereum

Tigereum brings together a team of developers who love to produce smooth customer interfaces for crypto. Tigereum incorporates the best of old banking, new crypto and social media. We believe that our work helps bridge the gap between crypto and non-crypto worlds.

Tigereum has launched a Token Swap which opens on Friday 8 December 2017. This will establish Tigereum Tokens as the internal cryptocurrency for Tigereum’s offerings. 

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Token Swap Summary

Token Swap Bot

Prototype Bot

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