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DICE is an ecosystem of miners and operators where each DICE transaction is validated by the miners.

Do you quite often think about the adoption challenges cryptocurrency is facing? While the innovation in the crypto industry is at its peak, DICE is bringing a new platform that will embrace the advantages of both traditional currency and cryptocurrency. The DICE economy has been designed with a motive to work parallel to fiat money.

As a cluster of miners and operators working together, the DICE economy has revolutionized the fundraising with IDO (Initial Dice Offering) mechanism and the consensus being Proof-of-ownership ensures an immutable ecosystem. 

What Is DICE? 

DICE is an ecosystem of miners and operators where each DICE transaction is validated by the miners. The miners are basically the investors who invest their computational power to the cluster instead of investing capital. It is a new age social Economy that will offer crowd mining or investment mining to raise funds for a non-IT or non-fintech projects. 

The DICE model is truly decentralized as there is no single ledger but the operators that choose to be part of the ecosystem are the ledgers. Without any middle-men and no transaction fee, DICE ecosystem brings the advantage of raising funds for organizations that offer more physical goods like robots. A highly deterministic and predictive asset, DICE is an economy for real-world. 

What are DICETS? 

The commercial currency of the DICE ecosystem is DICETS that is basically a distribution channel. It will be used to support the DICE ecosystem to grow that brings security and confidentiality to the entire ecosystem. 

Dice Money or DICETs is a 1024 bits block that is supported by a reinforced security protocol communication. The DICETS can be exchanged between the owners and the operators for physical goods. While the IT hubs take care of the validation, the operator is clustered by multiple miners to maintain the database. 

As a highly decentralized ecosystem, the entries of the DICETS remain listed only on the operator ledger that owned them. This process maintains the anonymity of the owners. The miners are the investors who invest the computational power to the pool and help mine DICETS. 

To distribute the DICETS, Pre-sale ICO DICE ended on 5 th May 2018. As an ERC20 token, 100 million DICETS were allocated. The 55% of the tokens were distributed while the development team took a share of 15% of DICETS and Advisors and partners took a share of 10% DICETS. 

Final thoughts 

DICE is a revolutionary economy that excited the crypto world with a non-blockchain cryptocurrency. An ideal mix of cryptocurrency and fiat currency, DICE is more close to the real-world money and will be easily adapted as a mainstream currency. DICETS complete the DICE economy that is a high-speed ecosystem driven by parallelism and charges zero fees. It is a peer-to-peer exchange place that maintains anonymity of the owners and provides a fiat like currency to carry out transactions. Together, it socially unites the investors by asking them to share a part of their computational power to help the operators and also allows them to keep a part of the power to mine DICETS on their own. 

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