Why Players Are Switching to Crypto Games

Apr 20, 2021 at 16:37 // News
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Blockchain technologies have already been incorporated in most industries, and the online gambling sector has not been left behind.

Online casinos have been around for many years and have continued to evolve over the years. In fact, the forecast for the online gambling market is valued to be more than 92.9 billion USD worldwide ( source). 

With the introduction of cryptocurrencies and the recent bull run, we have seen many players switch to crypto casinos. This is because they offer players several advantages that regular casinos do not. One of these is more transparency and a better user experience to players compared to the ones offered by regular online casinos. Let’s look at some of the other benefits that are making players switch to crypto-based casinos. 


When a player is choosing an online gambling platform, one of the primary concerns is security. They want to ensure that their deposits and withdrawals are protected. Blockchain gambling is entirely secure since every transaction happens in a transparent environment that cannot be manipulated as encryption is used widely within the technology. Blockchain-based casinos will have an extra step in guaranteeing that the information is secure, and this improved security has built phenomenal trust between gaming providers and the final players. 


Cryptocurrencies provide gamblers with a sense of privacy and anonymity, so most of the players are gravitating towards crypto casinos. When you use currencies like Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, and Ripple, no government or central authorities can follow up on the transactions. Therefore, players are not subject to the restrictions of using other currencies and can play from anywhere. Still, the casino will carry the necessary AML checks to ensure a regular service for the players and to not encounter penalization from authorities in the respective countries.


People prefer gambling with crypto because online technology is fast, simple, and convenient. When using crypto to transact, the commissions are minimal. While with regular casinos you have to wait for funds to clear when depositing or withdrawing, transactions with cryptocurrencies are instant – lightspeed sometimes.

Now, we’ve seen some of the reasons people start choosing and moving to these blockchain gaming sites. But how can a player find the best site which is transparent, reliable, and has all the characteristics to have an enjoyable time?

Crypto casino reviews

Crypto casinos are becoming more popular every day, and as a result, we have new ones popping up. As a new player who wants to try out these gambling houses, it is confusing to figure out which casino has the right characteristics to be considered with so many options available. Plus, there is still very little transparency or scams online.

While some have a good reputation and they have been operating in the market for some time, there is still uncertainty in this industry for the players. So, a carried analysis needs to be done in advance to make sure you have the best possible gaming experience. 

Thus, the number of online sites that offer these games is thousands but still very difficult to be trusted. In the end, you want to trust and have confidence in the casino you deposit and spend time in. All you want is to have fun and don’t think and be scared of losing your balance. The players deserve trusted sites.

One of the best ways to find a reputable crypto casino is to verify and read reviews online. We’ve seen several sites and found CryptoGamble.tips is a valid source for crypto casino reviews, but not only they also provide in-depth analysis and guides on the best strategies.  


We can say that the future is looking in favor of the player as the advancement of technology is delivering unseen benefits to the final customer and to the whole ecosystem. We still are at the beginning of something greater so patience will only bring more progress to the industry.

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