Stash: Next Generation Cryptocurrency For Everyday Transactions In The Real World

Sep 20, 2017 at 10:40 // News
Guest Author, a startup that aims to enable secure, private and instantaneous transactions, announces the launch of the Pre-Sale of its next generation open source cryptocurrency – Stash. The pre-sale starts on September 24, at 23:00 UTC.

Stash brings together many of the most cutting-edge cryptocurrency features and is ready to solve problems that are typical of other altcoins, like slow transaction speeds, high transaction costs, poor scalability, a fair launch, strong privacy, practical governance framework, a continuous funding structure and correct user incentives.

The ultimate end goal of Stash is simple – to use advanced innovative blockchain technology to create and continue to evolve a digital currency which, for the end user, is really simple and easy to transact with.

Cryptocurrency for everyday transactions

Thr Stash cryptocurrency may become one of the first cryptocurrencies to compete with traditional payment methods, like cash, credit or debit card forms. It can be used in the real world for everyday transactions through the Stash debit card or via the Stash mobile app. It also incorporates instantaneous transactions (StashSwift), increased network capacity, low transaction fees and state-of-the-art privacy through zero-knowledge cryptography.

Zero-delay transactions with full privacy and low transactions fee

What makes Stash different from other cryptocurrencies is its transaction speed, combined with low transaction fees, privacy through zero-knowledge cryptography, self-governance and self-funding.

By implementing 150 second block times and a second-tier Incentivizednode network layer that is capable of supporting up to 20 megabyte blocks, Stash provides 80x Bitcoin transaction capacity out of the box and as a result insures transactions fees are kept low.

To ensure privacy, Stash encrypts all transactions on the blockchain while the transfer of funds is verified under the network’s consensus rules using zk-SNARK proofs – a zero knowledge “proof of knowledge” that allows the prover to convince the verifier that a certain statement is true and that the prover knows what that statement is without revealing any information about it.

Independent self-funding and self-governance system

The self-governance system of the Stash network allows it to rapidly adopt and take advantage of new opportunities without having to deal with some of the decentralized decision-making problems that are clearly evident with other cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, that is unable to evolve fast.

Moreover, the Stash network is far more efficient and uses a Self-Funding budgeting system and provide the opportunity to build up reserves in the form of Stash cryptocurrency which will be available to fund future development. This also means the project continues to have adequate resources post the Token Sale funds being utilized.

Rewarding Incentivizednodes

An important feature of Stash is its second-tier Incentivizednode structure. The Stash Incentivizednode Reward Program serves to incentivize the network, growing the number of full nodes that are operational at any one time and giving Incentivizednode operators the opportunity to earn additional Stash digital currency.

StashPay is looking to implement the Stash Incentivizednode Structure in Q2, 2018 which we are looking at implementing within the Software in Q3.

Stash Labs will work on developing the Incentivizednode structure. The 2nd tier incetivizednode structure will allow STASHPAY.IO software users to set up Incentivizednodes and in return for providing resources to the network get paid STASHPAY.IO Tokens on any blockchain that decides to adopt the STASHPAY.IO software.

Token sale

STASH Pre-Sale Period 24/09/17 23:00 UTC to 09/11/17 10:00 UTC. Token Sale Period 12/11/17 01:00 UTC to 12/12/17 10:00 UTC

Investors will get special bonuses during token pre-sale:

Pre-Sale Starts 24/09/17 11:00 pm UTC

First 24 hours = 40% bonus
25/09/17 11:00 pm UTC to 01/10/2017 4:00 am UTC = 30% bonus
01/10/17 4:00 am UTC to 08/10/17 4:00 am UTC = 25% bonus

Pre-Sale 08/10/17 4:00 am to 22/10/17 4:00 am UTC

Pre-sale bonus between $20 - $1k = 11%
Pre-sale bonus between $1k - $5k = 15%
Pre-sale bonus between $5k - $10k = 18%
Pre-sale bonus between $10k - $50k = 20%
Pre-sale bonus between $50k - $100k = 25%
Pre-sale bonus > $100k = 30%

Special bonuses will be given also during the Token Sale starting October 22:

First 24 hours = 10% bonus
23/10/17 4:00 am UTC to 29/11/17 4:00 am UTC = 9% bonus
29/10/17 4:00 am UTC to 05/11/17 4:00 am UTC = 5% bonus
A05/11/17 4:00 am UTC to 19/11/17 4:00 am UTC = 0% bonus

Founder tokens will be locked up until the 27/09/2018.

Visit for more details. Read the STASH Whitepaper at:

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