SkyCoin Signs Partnership with Bitcoin PR Buzz Agency

Feb 01, 2018 at 16:04 // PR
SkyCoin signs partnership with Bitcoin PR Buzz agency

Skycoin, the third-generation cryptocurrency of alternative P2P project Skywire, have announced they will be signing a strategic partnership with Bitcoin PR Buzz.

To those who follow us, you will know we have used BPRB (Bitcoin PR Buzz) multiple times in the last year. As we move into 2018, we are very excited to make this an official partnership, paving the way forward for both parties.

Skycoin, is amongst one of the oldest crypto projects in development, and has its infrastructure rooted in the basic concepts of bitcoin. What makes skycoin unique, is its completely original codebase featuring a state of the art, and revolutionary consensus algorithm. Skycoins algorithm, named “Obelisk”, contains none of the PoW/Pos similarities of most other altcoins, thereby eliminating the need for miners and operating on a basis of trust.

The Skycoin Team had this to say:

“Skycoin is the key to unlocking a new, huge, private internet, and BPRB is the partner to take us to our secure future”

This partnership provides Skycoin the advantage of our name, news and distribution channels, allowing announcements in innovation to be distributed more frequently, and to a larger audience. BPRB’s partnership with Skycoin will allow for the nurturing and growth of Skycoins web presence in mainstream media outlets as well as technological circles. With Skycoin’s announcements, road map and recent partnership with BPRB, the future looks bright for Skycoin this year.

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