SHPING: Revolutionizing Shopping with Cryptocurrency Rewards and Blockchain Technology

Mar 18, 2018 at 14:20 // PR

The retail markets are considered to be one of the most traditional markets because retail consumers are usually resistant to change. However, change is inevitable - and the latest innovation that comes to the retail markets comes in the form of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Shping is a blockchain based retail marketing platform that offers gen-next marketing solutions to the businesses as well as cryptocurrency rewards to the users!

Shping, which is short for Shopping, is considered to be the ultimate retail marketing solution. It helps businesses advertise better and to the intended consumer. It also helps consumers learn about the products and make better decisions; it helps collect feedback and much more! The platform is a unique, first of its kind solution for brands to improve their retail performance and presence. 

Shping targets the retail shopping sector as it is one of the most rapidly growing and popular sectors - aiming at a total of USD 28 Trillion over the next few years. Moreover, Shping is one of the earliest movers to have brought blockchain based innovations in the retail segment. 

Here’s a closer look at some of the benefits of Shping - What are the Benefits of Shping:

Shping is an innovative solution to some problems. While it helps businesses tackle issues they face in the retail space, it also allows consumers, as well as the entire retail shopping ecosystem at large. 

For businesses, Shping is beneficial as the platform ensures that they can reduce ad-spends as well as market research expenses. The shping app can deliver targeted ads to consumers who can watch these product videos or read about the product and learn more about it in exchange for cryptocurrency rewards. All cryptocurrency transactions on the Shping blockchain take place using the Shping Coin cryptocurrency (SHPING). 

Moreover, businesses can also send out forms and surveys to collect users feedback and opinions while rewarding them with Shping Coins for their opinions. This helps them reduce the cost of middlemen used for market research. The consumers too, benefit from this as they feel that their voice is being heard by the brand. Moreover, by showing consumers product videos - brands are educating consumers about the key features of their products without spending too much on ad expenses. 

Finally, Shping also plans to create a global product library where millions of products of various categories will be listed. As of now Shping already has over 30 Million products listed - a number that keeps on increasing. 

How to Get Shping Coin (SHPING) Tokens? 

The SHPING tokens are the primary means of the transaction on the Shping network. Shping Coins can be gained by using the Shping app - or via the SHPING Token Sale, which is live at the moment. 

A total of 10 Billion SHPING currencies will ever exist. Out of this 10 Billion, 3.7 Billion are at a sale at, priced in at $0.01 per Shping Coin. After the sale ends, users will be able to trade Shping coins on cryptocurrency exchanges - but that might cost them more!

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