SelfSell’s Involvements in Improving Public Welfare Conditions

Feb 03, 2018 at 15:38 // PR
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Throughout the history and in present, capitalism is always seen as a challenger to public welfare and creation of egalitarian form of society. The conflict of efficiency and effectiveness is pre-eminent.

As Winston Churchill quoted,“The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries.” The business scholars and theorists are constantly working to devise systems to make these two complimentary rather than competitive.

Over the years, the concepts like corporate social responsibility, social entrepreneurship or businesses’ voluntary involvement in activities of improvement of public welfare is trying to bridge this gap and paving the way towards a social system with converging incomes or in other words, equitable distribution of incomes. SelfSell, an ICO based on the theory of human capital formation has also shaped its business in such way which adds value to the society in terms of overall benefits.

First of all, it gives opportunities to talents without any bias and helps them to flourish their skills which not only increase value added to the economy but also lead to its rise in terms of happiness Indicators. After all, what is the foundation of an equal society… available of equal opportunities and here SelfSell is exactly providing the same.

Another aspect is they are building precision poverty alleviation programmes, student assistance schemes and illness reliefs funds etc. It will convert public services into commercial operations to make this platform run more efficiently. Investors of SelfSell Platform can not only contribute to economic development of poverty-stricken areas and help people who need help, but also will gain more benefit than expected benefits from the low investment valuations for residents in poverty-stricken areas or people who need help. This implies investors are not exactly doing charity rather creating additional value for themselves. Through the economic behaviour of investors, SelfSell platform encourages social participation in public welfare undertakings. After pulling through difficulties in a short period, investees, who enjoy financial aid, may burst out unlimited potential in the future, and return a better future for their own and investors.

Also, take the case of any developing economy is the world or for that matter any developed economy. One thing which is common to their development approach is that all of them are promoting start-ups. Against the backdrop of the booming Internet, systemic policies are introduced, with a view to fuelling mass innovation, crowdsourcing, mass support and crowd funding. SelfSell Platform is a useful complement to venture capital, and regresses investment logic itself to the people because people (rather than physical assets) play a decisive role in entrepreneurial projects. This means people with amazing ideas do not have to share their equity in the project and can have full control over it. This really enhances their performance in the business. From the risk perspective, SelfSell Platform resembles an investment that automatically shifts from a start-up entrepreneur's early failure project to subsequent project. As long as investee continuously works, SelfSell's investment will never witness zero return.

To sum up all, it is an amazing idea. SelfSell is an ICO which actually encourages the development of society as a whole by making the size of the pie larger as well as within the reach of the subjugated groups.

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