SALT - Revolutionary Blockchain-Backed Loans

Jan 07, 2018 at 18:30 // News
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SALT allows you to use crypto assets to secure cash loans

SALT allows you to use your crypto assets to secure cash loans. It is an easy way to get money without having to sell your favourite crypto investment.

Do you wonder what you could buy via BTC but without wanting to lose the benefits of its potential next growth? There is a smart solution to how you can get fiat money for your BTC and still keep your BTC.

Salt Blockchain-Backed Loans

You will secure your loan with your BTC as collateral and you will get the exact amount of money of what the current price of BTC is. You can buy a car, a house or flight tickets to your dream destination and repay every month the money you have borrowed. After paying everything off, you will receive all your secured BTC back.

You can enjoy spending money whilst the BTC value grows and then you can find out that you are even richer than before. This alternative thanks to SALT could be a very good solution for everyone who needs money but does not want to sell their cryptocurrencies. Also, this is a great opportunity for investors who are looking for good long term investment.

Loans are both denominated in and repaid with traditional currencies. Blockchain assets are only provided by borrowers for use as collateral to secure loans. A lender may elect to be repaid in blockchain assets.

Unlike a margin account on an exchange, SALT loan proceeds can be used to purchase anything, not just additional tokens. With SALT, your collateral is held in a distributed manner, reducing counterparty risk. Exchanges, on the other hand, are centralized and opaque, and holding large amounts of tokens within them is dangerous. SALT loan terms also offer borrowers greater customization and flexibility than exchange margin accounts.

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