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Oct 24, 2018 at 13:45 // News
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In 2017, the rate of the crypto-coin updated the highs almost every month.

Bitcoin gains popularity every day and the number of its owners is growing.  In 2017, the rate of the crypto-coin updated the highs almost every month.  In 2018 - we are still waiting for the "winter race" and it is coming up.  With the growth of the rate, the market capitalization of this currency increases, and traders play and benefit from market fall and volatility.  Many of them managed to make good money on Bitcoin, investing in it or trading on the stock exchange. Therefore, the question is, what are the ways to buy this cryptocurrency, and which are more convenient and profitable for the buyer, not for the seller.

GetCryptoPoints is the easiest and most profitable way to buy Bitcoin on the market today.  All you have to do is to buy the prepaid card, as you did a long time ago to replenish the phone numbers, to prepaid the Internet, and at any time convert the prepaid amount to Bitcoin or any running altcoin, for example, ETH, LTC etc. 

Important addition: GetCryptoPoints cards are available from autumn 2017 only for the EU and Asia customers.  The list of countries is constantly expanding, so it is better to check the possibility of working with cards and their payment by bank transfer at the time of the transaction. 

To buy the card, go to, contact the manager, agree on the face value of the card or a set of cards and pay the required face value of the card, for example, $ 100, $ 500, $ 1000 or $ 5000.  Card delivery is absolutely free (DHL / EMS), the production of cards is included in the price. Cryptocurrency withdrawal from the card is carried out in your account You enter the number of your received card and transfer the cryptocurrency to your wallet address, stock exchange, friend, counterparty, anywhere.  In addition to Bitcoin, it is possible to withdraw Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash. 

What the card looks like and what you buy:

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Let's consider the benefits:

  • The ability to buy cryptocurrency on an invoice almost anywhere in the world fee-free.
  • The most favorable rate for the purchase of cryptocurrency.
  • No need for personal contact with different sellers in the transaction.
  • Fixing in dollars at the moment of the transaction, not at the moment of purchase of the card.
  • The possibility of partial payment of the card face value to any available cryptocurrency on the service.
  • Safety of funds on the card, since the attacker will have to spend 100 billion years to search actual numbers and security codes.
Let's compare with alternatives: 

Service Purchase rate, $/BTC Saving, $
Bitfinex 6869 750
Binance 6885 766
HitBTC 6888 769
YoBit 6764 645
Exmo 6649 530
Bittrex 6321 202
GetCryptoPoints 6119

And in each of the alternatives there will be also an additional commission for depositing / withdrawing funds.  And this is an additional cost. GetCryptoPoints is a step towards an ordinary consumer.

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