POMZ Makes the Next Frontier in the Decentralized CPA Marketing

Sep 11, 2018 at 11:53 // PR
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Advertisers pay much more than they should, due to complex principles of operation of platforms and partners.

There is no shortage of problems today in the operation of CPA and affiliate marketing. Advertisers pay much more than they should, due to complex principles of operation of platforms and partners. Payments can take forever to be completed. In fact, 1/5 of operations completed in the market are predatory cases. People and enterprises are so often at each other's throats over settlement disagreements. Users have grown more skeptical of what it offers. Furthermore, there has been a noted rapid rise in the popularity of adblockers among potential customers. These blunders have emptied advertisers’ pockets to the tune of 7.2 billion dollars in just the year 2016.

However, as always occurs in a capitalistic market, when there is a great need, entrepreneurs will step up to the plate. The rise of the blockchain has ushered in new great potential. And it has been used for yet another development. For those unfamiliar with its mode of functioning, blockchains link persons and entities while preserving their full anonymity. No brokers are necessary. Essentially, blockchains feature just that -- “blocks” going down a chain. These blocks contain information. In an effort to raise user confidence, render advertising much more appealing, and establish transparency and honesty, POMZ has given a great gift, to take human temptation, deceit, and error out of the equation - the smart contract. What accounts for smart contracts’ operation are POMZ tokens. These tokens track every facet of every stage of every operation and exchange. PostBack fills the smart contract with the information it needs and the commission is directed to the affiliate, as triggered by the achievement of a sale, the conclusion of a deal, or the generation of a lead. All information essential to the operation is in the public domain and all interested affiliates have full access to it. Information threats and payment misunderstandings become no longer a factor.


What POMZ has contributed is a revolutionary basis for entities and individuals alike to form their own partner networks without the middleman getting in the way. Advertisers and partners keep put more money in their pockets and have to take less out. The smart contract knows everything, because every facet of every transaction must be included in it originally to establish the exchange. There is no room for misunderstanding or dispute based in the data it retains. The dinosaur CPA marketing networks have become obsolete. Say goodbye to all the fees, the charges, the subscriptions, and the extra costs and commissions. No entity, person, or company in the industry should ever have to give up what they earn. With just a 5% charge for the commission as the lone expense associated with this new method of dealing, people and companies can finally expect to get out what they deserve for their efforts and investments.

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