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Jul 18, 2018 at 15:51 // PR
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This women-only cab service does not only provide solo female travelers a secure transportation alternative, but it also makes available jobs for women drivers.

Pink Taxi is a blockchain-based platform that offers transportation services only to women, and it employs only female drivers. Its objective is to provide a safe and comfortable environment.

What is Pink Taxi? 

This women-only cab service does not only provide solo female travelers a secure transportation alternative, but it also makes available jobs for women drivers. The platform’s blockchain technology ensures that all of its employees receive a fair cut of their earnings and that the car data is transparent. Data transparency means that no information can be tampered with, ensuring the safety of both passengers and drivers and an effective way of settling potential disputes. 

This working concept has attracted recognition from different social economic backgrounds on an international scale. As proof, the service currently operates in more than 18 countries. 

Pink Taxi - Empowering Women 

Pink Taxi was created to help bring forth female empowerment. The apparent lack of woman empowerment is clearly obvious in various economic, socio-cultural and political sectors, their male counterparts being clearly advantaged. 

The project was also launched due to the increased harassment rates for women passengers during cab rides, a thing which is more prevalent in certain countries. This exclusive taxi service was designed to provide safety for both drivers and clients, seeing as drivers are also at risk of being attacked or mugged. 

There are around 4 hundred million women in this world living today who have been sexually assaulted, one assault every second occurs around the globe. 

Pink Taxi provides transportation services exclusively for women, using exclusively women drivers who are trained & specializing keeping women safe where to drop them off & how to provide security. 

The platform also makes available opportunities through which they can make and control their earnings via its token system. By being able to manage her revenue, she will be able to have some impact on the economic and social scene, promoting an environment more geared towards equality and fairness. 

Via their Initial Coin Offering, contributors and customers can purchase tokens that will not only grant them access to their specialized services and benefits, but also help the empowerment agenda. 

The Team Behind Pink Taxi 

Pink Taxi Group is backed up by a team of professionals that are experienced in a range of business areas who have blend together for this greater cause & make it a huge success. 

Acting as advisor and supporter to this project is the security expert Sir John McAfee. He is the God Father of Anti-Virus Software, Founder of McAfee Anti-Virus and also the “Creator of Declaration of Currency Independence”. McAfee has given his expertize and endorsement to Pink Taxi as well as many other projects from various industries. He is a fiery supporter of the blockchain and always promotes the benefits and prospective startups that use the technology like Pink Taxi. 

The PTT Token 

The PTT token is the platform’s ERC20 token, which is used as payment for its employees and unlocks select features of Pink Taxi’s service. The platform’s underlying blockchain technology will provide security, transparency, and decentralization. Decentralization will ensure that all its employees are paid fairly, unlike its centralized counterparts. 

The service’s clients and drivers benefit from loyalty programs where they are rewarded with tokens that can then further spent on free rides or exchanged for other cryptocurrencies. 

The women that use the tokens can get involved in the cryptocurrency world through the platform. Thus, Pink Taxi can help get women interested in a field which was up until then unknown to them. 

Through this project, Pink Taxi wants to help drive female empowerment upwards, in addition to developing a harassment-free environment for its drivers and customers. 

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