PECULIUM: The First Saving Platform Bridging Conventional Saving, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and AI

Jan 01, 2018 at 17:08 // PR
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As the popularity of cryptocurrencies continues to grow at a very fast rate, PECULIUM has introduced the first saving management platform that is based on blockchain tech-nology.

The saving management system bridges the conventional saving with blockchain, and cryptocurrency using (AI) artificial intelligence. It is a revolution. PECULIUM employs smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain network to yield a trustless way of hitting transparent, fully decentralized, and infallible contractual agreement.

Using AIΞVE and blockchain technology, PECULIUM makes it possible to promptly analyze big data and pinpoint the best risk-to-benefit opportunities for optimal ROI (return on investment) on the underlying value of crypto-assets.

The main feature of PECULIUM is AIΞVE Cognitive. This feature analyzes tons of data promptly to make it easy to see the past, present, and future of the crypto assets. Because PECULIUM can help investors, individuals and brokers see the trajectory of a crypto asset, they only make the moves that guarantee highest (ROI).

The Big Data analytics plugs the gap in your saving system to guarantee better services. Using AI, PECULIUM can answer 100,000 questions from over 100,000 different customers simultaneously.

The PECULIUM wallet is your interface and access tool for markets. The wallet stores your native assets and allows you to trade in top exchanges with ease. You can opt to use the wallet online or keep it offline for extra security.

PECULIUM ICO: The Perfect opportunity to own PECULIUM

The PECULIUM predictive algorithm and capacity to plug the traditional saving system on the advanced blockchain technology marks the onset of maturing artificial intelligence. Now, everyone is welcome to contribute to PECULIUM system through the purchase of the native PECULIUM tokens (PCL).

A total of 20 billion PCL at a price of 0.01€ are now available. Right now, PECULIUM has a 20% bonus period.

“While we have experienced the massive growth of cryptocurrencies, users are faced with a dilemma of making meaning of Big Data,” explained the PECULIUM Team leader. “We are bridging this gap by enriching the blockchain technology with advanced AI to empower the community to own, invest, make the best decisions and reap highest ROI,” added the team leader.

The PECULIUM ICO will end on 24th January 2018 when the system will start declining new contributions. But the PECULIUM team leader was emphatic that since the saving platform bridges the conventional model, a new window will be provided.

In 2018, PECULIUM will release a CCO (Continuous Coin Offering) starting from March to July. Those who want to invest more and others who missed the ICO will have the opportunity to join PECULIUM.

PECULIUM saving platform has finally made the blockchain technology complete. By enriching the cryptocurrency system with AI, predictive algorithm and offering everyone an opportunity to own the platform, PECULIUM has elevated blockchain technology a whole new level. Come and be part of it by buying PECULIUM tokens!

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