Paymon Set to Make Fund Transfer Easy

Apr 12, 2018 at 17:52 // News
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Paymon to make fund transfer easy

Cryptocurrencies are a great invention and though most people hold them now majorly for speculative purposes, a lot many of these investors look forward to possibilities of using the coins a lot more liberally.

Importantly, people want to be able to transfer these coins at almost zero transactional fees. If anything, the birth of Bitcoin was laid on such premise; well, aside from the decentralization and its apparent advantages. Besides, it would be a great plus if such transactions are instantaneous.

The issues highlighted here above are attractive if they can be attained. However, imagine a situation where over and above all these, you can transfer crypto from the ease of a user-friendly mobile application that also fosters a community feeling by allowing users to communicate with each other. Well, a blockchain platform called Hive and a payment platform called Profit, all developed by the Paymon team seek to avail all these benefits, and then some.

Enter Paymon

The Paymon blockchain platform together with the two applications, Hive and Profit, seek to work together to allow users to convert crypto into fiat and vice versa and also transfer these freely and easily. Besides, the network hopes to enable users to follow the performance of their businesses by tracking the dynamics of their crypto holdings. Better yet, users can communicate and play games on the platform. Though the Paymon network fosters communication, the chats are encrypted and only accessible to the intended recipients.

Profit, in particular, enables entrepreneurs to create company accounts and receive payments in cryptocurrencies, for the goods or services they offer. And, users that are young at heart or people that just want to unwind can do so through the games that the Paymon platform shall make available. While these applications point to the needs of the average person, it is important to highlight just who this platform targets specifically.

Who Does Paymon Hope to Help?

At the moment, Paymon hopes to offer solutions to people that want to send money to and receive it from friends and relatives from all over the world. Also, the platform seeks to provide better services to people that are appalled by the status quo, and think that the services offered by the operators in the current banking services are subpar. Also, the Paymon system targets users that would instead not undertake their financial transactions in an ecosystem characterized by hefty fees and intermediaries that are undeserving of the mentioned fees.

What Features Set Paymon Apart from Other Cash Transfer Systems?

With the advent of the blockchain technology, many exchanges have emerged to help investors trade in their crypto holdings. However, it is only until recently that these exchanges are coming to the blockchain. Paymon is one of the few that are now hedged on the blockchain. However, it does stand out because it is exclusively blockchain-enabled and though it allows users to convert crypto to fiat, cryptocurrencies are the platform-recognized medium.

The platform is global-centric, user-friendly and open to anyone. Moreover, their mobile app is already up and running, and users can now download it from the Google Play store and iTunes, and there is a web version that users on PC can use. The release of the app that is out, the beta version, is functional (users can now transfer Bitcoin and Ethereum) already.

Details of the Paymon ICO

The Paymon team is running a token generation event in three rounds. The premise here is to let users see for themselves, the key performance indicators of the network so that they can only opt-in while informed by the capabilities of Paymon that they can both witness and verify.

The team is offering 1,000,000,000 PMN tokens during the ICO. During the first stage, 400 million PMNT shall be available for sale with another 250 million and 200 million available during the second and third rounds of the ICO, respectively. The team has reserved another 150 million tokens that it plans to distribute to the core development team, media and advisors and a small chunk to fire the bounty campaign.

The Paymon ICO is open to all but targets pool funds and big investors, and the benefits to any investors that opt-in are already apparent. The utility of the platform primarily in providing an easy way to convert and transfer cryptocurrencies at almost zero cost, and the ability to send and receive payments from people all over the globe will make Paymon very attractive. Besides, the platform promises easy scalability, a problem that the pioneer blockchain networks are still grappling with; and this is another factor that makes Paymon very likable.

The fund transfer market is undergoing some very serious revolution. With all the discoveries going on, it is interesting to watch how things will play out. Paymon especially offers exciting prospects.

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