Partnership Between TRON and Liverpool FC is Still in Turmoil

Apr 26, 2019 at 09:35 // News
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The club has not made any partnership with Tron, Sun misinterpreted an unofficial invitation which was sent out to several firms.

The CEO of TRON, Justin Sun, revealed the company was requested to enter into a partnership with Liverpool Football Club (LFC), but it seems Justin did not understand the situation correctly.

According to a spokesperson of Liverpool FC, the club has not made any partnership with Tron, Sun misinterpreted an unofficial invitation which was sent out to several firms, to understand properly the firm’s business.   

More Questions to Answer   

Cliff Edwards, spokesperson of Tron revealed the informal letter contained weighty information that the football club had let on and disclosed.   

“There was no ask to ‘better understand’ the business.” “The ask was to ‘connect and explore a partnership,’ which is exactly what Justin Sun tweeted,” Cliff revealed. 

The whole thing started when the Tron CEO used his official Twitter account and wrote:


He also uploaded a video on the tweet which is showing LFC welcoming Tron with the club’s boilerplate greeting stuffs. A red envelope unfolds to show a screen, where Jurgen Klopp, the current LFC manager reveals:   

“We are Liverpool FC. This means more. This means more because you are associating yourself with…a philosophy, a philosophy that says more about you than being part of any other football club in the world.”   

That is what indeed produced all these details and reactions about the ‘partnership’ and what this really involved. The CEO promised to give more light on this issue, but he still maintained that this partnership in question was official.   

Liverpool Joins Juventus in the Blockchain Industry   

Also, the head of cryptocurrency exchange Kraken, Jesse Powell, used Twitter to post a screenshot of an email claiming to be from Liverpool FC talking about the partnership which he had refuted and dismissed as a rip-off.


The co-founder of IAmDecentralised, a Tron-related blockchain startup, revealed that this new so-called partnership in question (going on between Tron and LFC) would mean a lot for the cryptocurrency industry. He is optimistic that the Tron logo will be on the red Liverpool FC shirt at Anfield stadium soon or later.


Some time back, Michael Owen, a former LFC and Manchester United super star striker, officially entered into partnership with Global Crypto Offering Exchange, a Singapore-based, to legally issue his name-backed digital currency, own coin.   

If this partnership reaches fruition, Liverpool will join the Italian Serie A bull Juventus Football Club and Gibraltar semi-professional team, in participating in crypto activities and also being supported by companies that are involved in blockchain and cryptocurrency businesses.

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