Ouna Calling First Movers in HR To Take Their Unbeatable Advantages

Sep 20, 2018 at 14:08 // PR
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The platform combines the Blockchain technology along with the path breaking in-house developed algorithm titled the ‘Ounalyzer’.

Hassled? Puzzled? Confused? Frustrated? - If you are an HR professional, then these adjectives are way too familiar synonyms that you would normally associate with the work. To a certain degree rightly so! An organisation runs on its talent pool. The right people for the right job not only lays a solid foundation towards an organisation’s growth but paves the way for success- both present & future. Hence, hiring as a process not only becomes one of the most pivotal HR responsibilities but a one at that which defines an organisation’s growth and success.

The current hiring process as incorporated by the prevalent HR practices are long, strenuous, lacks transparency and expensive. Not to mention the millions that the organisations lose every year due to wrong hiring. Add to this the plethora of challenges such as client dissatisfaction, loss of credibility, disgruntlement amongst employees that arise out of it. 

To overcome these challenges and to simplify and streamline the HR hiring process and other systems, a platform called ‘ Ouna’ came to the rescue of HR. The platform combines the Blockchain technology along with the path breaking in-house developed algorithm titled the ‘Ounalyzer’. The algorithm is uniquely designed and makes Ouna a revolutionary HR management system. 

Let’s have a look at some of the salient features of Ounalyzer:

  • Uses Blockchain technology thereby ensuring absolute security by encrypting every data block. No more data tampering or unauthorised changes.
  • Lets the candidate create online assessment in 15 minutes thereby capturing all the necessary credentials towards candidate records.
  • The in-built algorithm sorts and searches the right profiles, all within a blink of an eye.
  • Robust, simple and easy to use.

To all the first movers in HR, here’s what Ounalyzer  provides that would set you apart and forward from the rest:

  • Ounalyzer provides a unique peer-to-peer management system, which means that no more unwanted third party interference. This in turn would mean reduction in cost & time thereby increasing efficiency.
  • You would no longer have to spend hours & hours just trying to match and shortlist the candidate profiles to that of the requirement. Ouna would effortlessly do that for you by sorting, searching and listing out profiles that are an ideal match to the requirement.
  • The in-built ‘ Ounalyzer’ algorithm would record all the required credentials of the candidates and validate them too thus providing a much-needed respite from the long and strenuous background verification checks. Now that’s a smart solution, isn’t it?
  • Uses ‘Smart contracts’ and other different mechanisms to ensure that the data entered by the candidates are true and verified.
  • Ouna can also be used to streamline other HR processes such as Payroll, enrolment, Resource management, Training and Learning.
  • All in all, a complete HR management & Solutions system thus simplifying and streamlining the work-flow.

The only constant in life is change. And to be miles forward from others, embracing and incorporating the change for a better tomorrow is the crux for success. Hence, to all the first movers of HR- redefine, simplify and streamline the work & process by embracing and implementing the  Ounalyzer. 

Ouna with Ounalyzer- The revolutionary HR Management & Solutions system- Redefining today for a better tomorrow! 

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