On.Live: Transforming the Power of Broadcasting

Mar 10, 2018 at 09:24 // PR
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On.Live: transforming the power of broadcasting

Blockchain technology is set to change the world. Bitcoin is just the proof of concept - everyday new coins are being developed that have the potential to change our lives with their revolutionary use-cases.

The Future is Now!

I have been invited by one such project, ​ On.Live​, to write an article about the future of live content streaming with their new open platform.

We are in a distributed ledger based revolution right now, with great new ideas breaking out all over the internet, and all over the planet. Finally, we are starting to see the potential of the distributed network, the internet, and the powerful tools that allow for new endeavors. In fact, with new exciting projects being developed every day, it can be hard to get excited anymore about any one thing. But if we are observant and discerning, certain very promising trends emerge with new freedom and decentralization around many areas of our modern society. 

Trends toward freelancing, advances in educational technology and telemedicine are already in place and affecting our world. A new platform, On.Live​, has emerged to help encourage these tendencies even further. A tool allowing the creation of markets around live connections, ​ On.Live​ has included all of the next generation availability and customizability that entrepreneurs and freelancers need to get their work done, including HD Quality, multiple ways to pay and any size audiences.

With new tools like these, it is up to us to transform our own future. 


Skilling Up 

In this new age, my philosophy is that each of us must learn and also teach. Every one of us has something to share, to teach others, and we must continue to participate in life-long learning. I’m currently conducting consultations for clients on technology matters, using sites like Codementor for help with more specific tasks. I am constantly both learning and teaching, and I use live meetings to facilitate both.

One thing that I would like to do more of ecological consultation. Whether for permaculture diploma mentoring, learning about agroforestry or reforestation, or about entrepreneurship in emerging economies, I am looking for a live streaming solution that allows for monetization; I believe I have now found what I've been looking for.


In the past, I have tried many other platforms that have come up short. YouTube, for example, showed a lot of promise, but always seem to hold profitability a little further away. Since then, I have developed my own client list, but each live video transaction now includes external negotiation and the trust that payment will be made on the terms previously established.

On.Live​ will make all of these worries obsolete, with user-controlled monetization, unlimited viewership and a scheduling mechanism. Built in smart contracts will guarantee payment terms. 

Improving Quality of Life

As I work in the rural developing world, I am always on the lookout for new technological applications that will make our lives, and the development of our local sustainability and quality of life, easier.

Two of these new developments are ​ Telemedicine​ and the ​ Massive Open Online Course​.

These two advances are showing us the way forward. Verily, the future of the sharing economy is the ​Helping Economy​,and right now we have the technology to get in touch with and help every person on the planet. We can help them with their health needs, train them in a new skill or assist them in fixing their car or bicycle, the possibilities are limitless.

Right now, ​ On.Live​ is also preparing to launch with a 'out-of-the-box' solution for the health and fitness sector called ​Fit.fit​.This will be a specialized marketplace for service professionals in the health and wellness sector such as dieticians, nutritionists, physical therapists, personal trainers and more. This is where ​ On.Live ​hits the ground running.


Live broadcasting has a large role in the education of the future. Massive online courses are incredible, but an essential thing in education, one that cannot be mechanized along with faster and better quality of information, is the personal connections between teacher and student, tutor and student as well as between students. Sometimes you just need someone to explain something just to you, and sometimes you just want to be a semi-anonymous viewer eating a popsicle.

Peer to peer learning is going to be an important part of the education of the future. The Blockchain technology use-case being launched by ​ On.Live might soon be facilitating virtual apprenticeships and other novel educational approaches bringing skills back to people. Watch video:

Thank you to each and every one of you who have taken the time to read my article today. Blessings to all in this new and prosperous society we are building. Love and Light!

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