A Safe Platform to Choose or a Scam?

May 28, 2022 at 06:00 // PR
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Cryptocurrency markets attract tons of new members daily. The magic of digital and tokenized assets charms people and makes them interested in how to gain money using these assets without any potential loss. For this, it is especially important to find a reliable exchange platform where a wide range of operations using crypto is available for users.

We do understand that this review will be probably read not only by professional traders but also by people who have only started their trading path and want to learn more about some peculiarities a certain online crypto exchange has. So, today let’s talk in brief and dwell in some detail about NovoBroker. All these are enclosed in the review we offer you to explore.


Let’s start this review with an excerpt about the company and its mission. NovoBrokers is a trading platform for cryptocurrency exchange and stock market investments. It offers a wide scope of currencies and various types of trading to its customers. Besides, the bright side of the platform is its time-significant extra fast registration and informational support it provides for all the traders who join NovoBrokers. 

A Look at the Website

Digital assets need a comfortable place to trade them. This principle was, as we can think, the main when the whole idea of the website was developed. The website is greatly designed to meet the bravest expectations about its functionality, informativity, and usability. 

Besides the web version, it works well on any mobile device that helps traders to launch it any time they need.

The menu of the website is easy to comprehend, all the options are clearly located on the webpage to provide instant access to the main functions and information the user may need. So even a fully new user can navigate it and use it easily.

Sign Up 

As the regulatory political rules all over the world require traders to avoid money laundering, NovoBrokers, like all other platforms that deal with financial assets, provides obligatory registration. Well, the sign-in process is not complicated on this website. All that you should do to get access to all its functions and make risk-free transactions is to fill in the registration form and provide the support team with documents for your verification. The list of these documents is not messy so it won’t take long to download them. After you register, you get access to all the basic tools and options. By the way, the longer you trade on NovoBrokers, the wider the range of services and access you’ve got from this company.


There are no hidden fees or sky-high commissions on For all the circumstances coin you exchange you don’t have to pay. The only exception that should be mentioned in this review is the presence of fees for withdrawals. That’s quite a common deal as these fees are provided by payment services and you can face them almost everywhere.

Currencies and Assets Available on

The list of currencies and commodities you can trade on NovoBrokers is fairly big. These are commonly used cryptocurrencies and stablecoins to exchange one for another, fiat assets, or stock commodities. The exchange uses Forex and CFXs trading models to provide users with in-demand and profitable operations. The only exception is risky assets that are not available on the platform. The team examines significant changes in the market daily so the list of available currency pairs or smart contracts may vary depending on the market situation so as not to allow damage resulting from operations. 

Safety and Protection

There is one more thing in our review that needs to be highlighted. That is the safety of this website. It is provided on the highest levels involving both technologies and informational support. The technological side of protection is implemented in SSL encryption of the website that guarantees data protection from scammers and cybercriminals. As for informational support, the NovoBrokers team goes above and beyond to help traders feel safe and sound on the exchange platform and minimize all the risks. You can contact the support team 24/7 in any convenient way to get troubleshooting actions from them. You will be highly surprised by the level of expertise and competencies the team has. We were surprised by them, BTW. 


Before finishing our review, let’s make some summaries.

  • is a kind of mediator that help traders to get the most profitable operations with cryptocurrencies and stock commodities. 

  • It is not a scam yet this platform is greatly developed to support beginners in trading. 

  • The convenience and openness of this exchange make it an outstanding option for experienced crypto traders too.

  • There are fewer cryptocurrency restrictions yet these that are provided are intended to prevent you from lose capital due to risky exchange operations.

  • High security and informational support create a user-friendly environment on NovoBrokers. 

Yet it is better to try it yourself to prove each word we’ve written there is totally true. You are welcome to do so and to start your profitable and easy way to the cryptocurrency world.

Disclaimer. This press release is paid and provided by a third-party source. This press release is for informational purposes only and should not be viewed as an endorsement by CoinIdol. We take no responsibility and give no guarantees, warranties or representations, implied or otherwise, for the content or accuracy. Readers should do their own research before investing funds in any company.

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