Nitrogen Sports Adds New Baccarat Game to its Bitcoin Casino Platform

Mar 22, 2017 at 11:46 // PR

Bitcoin casino platform, Nitrogen Sports announces the inclusion of Baccarat game to its existing games line up.

March 21, 2017, San Jose, Costa Rica – Nitrogen Sports, the leading Bitcoin casino platform is excited to announce the addition of Baccarat to its already popular list of game offerings. The new game is now available alongside some of the most sought after Casino games like Dice, 1-deck Blackjack, 2-deck Blackjack and 8-deck Blackjack. The Nitrogen Sports’ version of Baccarat offers lots of flexibility to the players, allowing both single and multiplayer gameplay with a fully integrated chat feature. Players can also switch avatars, hand history and more while playing the globally popular table game on the platform.

Nitrogen Sports ensures that all games on the platform are Provably Fair and the new Baccarat is no different from the rest. Players on the platform can readily verify the validity of a hand by using randomly generated hashes that are controlled only by them. The generated client seed hash can be checked on any third-party verifier site for any of Nitrogen’s Baccarat hands.

Rules of the Game

Nitrogen’s Baccarat is a card comparing game to be played between two hands – one, the “player” and the other, “banker”. Each Baccarat round has three possible outcomes;

1. Player hand
2. Banker hand
3. Tie between hands

Baccarat cards have different point values. While the cards numbered 2 to 9 are worth their face value (in points), 10s Ks, Qs and Js carry no points. Aces (A) carries one point and Jokers are not used. The pointing system for hands in Baccarat game considers only the rightmost digit of the sum of constituent cards.

For example: If a hand consists of cards 2 and 3, the total points for that hand is 5 (2+3). But in a scenario where the hand consists of cards 6 and 7, then its only worth 3 (as 3 is the rightmost digit in the combined points total; 13).

As per the rules of the game, the highest possible hand value in Baccarat is 9.

Playing Baccarat with Bitcoin

There are multiple variations of Baccarat played in almost every brick-and-mortar casino around the world. But unlike these casinos, playing Baccarat on Nitrogen Sports is much easier and faster. The use of Bitcoin offers an interesting take on the game because of the freedom it offers to the players. Buying and transferring Bitcoin is a seamless process; all one needs is a wallet address. Players on Nitrogen casino platform are free to deposit and withdraw the cryptocurrency balance as fast as the Bitcoin network would allow. But in case of conventional fiat based online casinos, the same might take days at times.

About Nitrogen Sports

Nitrogen Sports was founded in 2012 as an online gaming platform that allows players to bet using Bitcoin via a sportsbook, casino and poker platform. Players on Nitrogen enjoy the unique benefit of betting with Bitcoin that includes but is not limited to fast deposit and withdrawal times with no processing fees. Nitrogen represents its license out of San Jose, Costa Rica

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