NANO Mining Token: Easing mining by leaps and bounds

Sep 05, 2017 at 11:25 // PR
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Since the inception of cryptocurrency, mining seemed to be a complex and tiring process involving wear and tear of hardware, high consumption of electricity and need of technical expertise.

And this gave companies such as, managed by Nano Mining Techworks Ltd to transform this crisis into an opportunity by providing hassle-free solutions and to keep one aloof from the crippling pressure of maintaining hardware 24X7, thereby making mining easier and efficient for one and all.

Nano Pool substantially cuts the costs and shoulders the responsibility of maintaining the hardware required for mining operations. End-to-end mining services, provided by Nano Pool, in addition to private hosting and cloud mining services make the whole process hassle-free and efficient. 

Shortage, an opportunity in disguise

Shortage of mining facilities and hardware, in comparison to the rapidly increasing demand for cryptocurrencies and mining hardware, has left miners with little hope. Most of the mining facilities including those managed by Nano Mining Techworks Ltd are facing space crunch, thereby leaving miners with little or no spaces to host their hardware.

This is where Nano Mining smells an opportunity in the flourishing mining market by expanding its cloud mining services from 100GH/s to 1TH/s hashing power and 100TH/s further in future to meet the demand for mining. While industrial mining facilities face many challenges, like an appropriate location, with economical labour and power (electricity), Nano Mining has fully functional facilities in Wenatchee, USA and has further identified locations in Italy and India. These locations not only have an abundance of alternate sources of energy such as the Solar power but also are stocked with cheaper labour, needed for operations. The present staff working at Nano Mining has more than five years of experience in maintaining data centres and mining facilities.

NANO, the token

Developing the capacity to meet the ever rising demand for mining services, followed by an increase in demand of cryptocurrencies and required hardware need investments, which are being attracted by Nano Pool through its own Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for Nano Mining Token (NANO).

NANO, the ERC-20 compliant utility token on the Ethereum Blockchain, has limited itself to 50 million in total supply and represents the right to use Nano Pool facility. Those possessing NANO would be able to make payments for services including electricity, maintenance and space as well. The cost of the services although would be calculated in USD but payment will be taken in  NANO, which would be valued in accordance with its prevailing market rates depending upon the demand and supply as well, only.

The demand for NANO is bound to increase as much of it would be used for payment of mining services and facility, which are quite in demand. NANO is easily tradeable and can be transferred to any Ethereum wallet, allowing users to avail benefits from its rising value.

To sum up, NANO is one revolutionary introduction, which promises ample growth for both the user (miner) and for the investor. But one has to hurry up, because of NANO's limited flow and futuristic demand, which is bound to increase.

Official NANO ICO details:

ICO duration: 90 days

ICO start date: 16.09.2017

Total token: 50,000,000 NANO

Token for sale in 1st round: 25,000,000 NANO

Token for sale in 2nd round: 15,000,000 NANO

Token for sale in 3rd round: 10,000,000 NANO

Website: https://


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