Monetizing Renewable Energy Through Blockchain: Solareum to List SLRM Token on Seven Exchanges

Jun 22, 2018 at 17:08 // PR
Solareum aims to help mainstream the use of renewable energy resources by allowing individuals and corporations to buy or sell through its decentralized platform.

Helping mankind by creating a global network of buying and selling of renewable solar energy, Solareum will list its SLRM coin on multiple exchanges for ease of acquisition and trading for users worldwide.

Lichtenstein, Germany:  As a platform for creating a worldwide network of the most abundant energy resource available on the planet: solar,  Solareum aims to help normal users sell their excess power production to people who are looking for a cheaper form of power. The platform understands that to promote the use of renewable energy, it is crucial that the blockchain-based network’s SLRM token be available to the maximum number of people possible. 

From 1 to 7 

Solareum already has had its’ token listed on an exchange,  ForkDelta, for a few weeks now. In addition to this, the platform will be listing on six more exchanges:

The launch of trading on these exchanges is scheduled for 22nd July. The total exchange list for the tokens now comes to an impressive 7. The platform is also listed on portfolio/price tracker sites  CoinGecko and  Blockfolio. The token can additionally be purchased directly from the website, using many different cryptos. 

Airdrops, Pairing, and Promotions 

To promote the listings, each launch of  Solareum’s token will be accompanied by an airdrop of SLRM tokens. Going one step further, the platform has an exclusive deal with, where it has struck an exclusive LTC/SLRM trading pair, and users already holding LTC in their exchange wallets will be automatically eligible for the airdrop 

Alongside this, the platform will be running a marketing and promotion campaign on all of the exchanges, where it will be run on the front page. 

International Presence and Team Additions 

Solareum has been recently joined by JoJo Bell, a well known humanitarian as its Goodwill Ambassador. Mr. Bell is a former soccer player who represented Cameroon in the 1990 World Cup and the 1994 Olympics. He also holds the honor of being titled as African Goalkeeper of the Century by FIFA. 

Solareum CEO and Chairman, Ken Reece will this year be gracing yet again the United Nations Youth Assembly in late August, to talk about the importance of sustainable energy for the benefit of our coming generations. The high profile event will be live streamed on the  Solareum’s homepage in conjunction with the launch of its marketplace. 

About Solareum 

Billed as the Amazon of Renewables by a feature in International Business Times, the platform aims to help mainstream the use of renewable energy resources by allowing individuals and corporations to buy or sell through its decentralized platform.  Solareum supports fifteen major cryptocurrencies, including its native SLRM, for payment purposes. 

The SLRM token will be listed on the mentioned exchanges at USD 0.7 per SLRM with a total supply of 60 million SLRM. 

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