Buy NFT Art: Utility Packed MetaGoblin NFT Collection Sets a New Standard for Crypto Collectibles

May 30, 2022 at 14:30 // News
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MetaBlaze integrates its NFT collections into a multifaceted ecosystem

MetaBlaze opens its NFT Presale of the MetaGoblin NFT collection. A collection of mystical Goblins with futuristic accessories.

Seeking to set a new standard in the NFT world, the NFT collection brings high-end artistry and empowering utilities designed to bring more real-world value to the web 3 community. MetaBlaze integrates its NFT collections into a multifaceted ecosystem, building the foundation to support a sustainable and scalable NFT project. 

MetaGoblin NFTs are true works of art, boasting intricate life-like details. The NFT collection is inspired by in-game mystical creatures from a Play-to-Earn game in development by blockchain gaming firm, MetaBlaze. The p2e game is expected to bring AAA graphics, featuring various fantasy-themed creatures, engaging in battles with cybernetically enhanced creatures to gain control of the Metaverse, and preserve the future of their species. MetaBlaze recently posted the MetaGoblin Story to its YouTube channel. 

An ERC-721 Token Standard, the MetaGoblin NFT collection is built on the Ethereum Blockchain, with a total supply of 10,000 Non-Fungible-Tokens (NFTs). MetaGoblin NFTs are divided into four levels of rarity and One Hundred and Ninety, hand-created 3D accessories. The MetaGoblin NFT collection provides a wide range of impact-focused utility that brings real-world value to those that own them. 


MetaGoblin NFT Utility Details

The collection is divided into 4 categories of rarity. Each category brings a different set of utilities. Ranging from the most common to rarest: Mystical, Epic, Legendary, and the 3 Kings. The 3 King MetaGoblin NFTs are the rarest in the collection and only three exist, unlocking rewards of up to $50,000.00 in Bitcoin or a 2023 Tesla Model 3.

The standard utilities include 10% perpetual royalties, access to Blazelands, and Blaziverse. MetaGoblin NFT ownership offers holders exclusive NFT airdrops, NFT key airdrops unlocking IRL events at different Castles across the Globe. NFT owners gain receive Blazebox airdrops, and vouchers for exclusive NFT merchandise. The Goblin NFT owners will receive in-game NFT land parcel airdrops, and more. For a full list of NFT utility, visit the MetaGoblin NFT website. 

The doxxed founding team has shown an extraordinary commitment to cultivating an open and positive environment where everyone feels welcome and supported. The family-like atmosphere has been instrumental in bringing the MetaBlaze community together and creating a true sense of belonging within the wider crypto space. The highly engaged team plans to continually reinvest significant portions of NFT revenue back into its community of NFT holders, incrementally influencing value appreciation over time. 

MetaBlaze Integrates NFTs with DeFi & GameFi Crypto Ecosystem

The MetaBlaze ecosystem revolves around its dApp, known as “BlazedApp.” This App is an intelligent decentralized application that offers users a variety of value-added functionalities. These features include access to the Blaziverse, a club membership to a 50-level strategy NFT game where you can stake MetaBlaze (MBLZ) tokens and earn rewards in the form of crypto tokens and NFTs.

BlazedApp is home to Web 3's first working ground for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). In the Blazelands, an ecosystem NFT can be employed and generate revenue for its boss (owner). The dApp provides storage solutions for crypto assets and keeps records of their corresponding Blazepoints usable within its crypto ecosystem. MetaBlaze will introduce a unique NFT rental system, enabling passive income opportunities for non-gamers and increased availability and accessibility for gamers. 

How to Buy NFT

To mint an NFT during the ongoing presale, visit the MetaGoblin NFT website, click Mint NFT to create an account, ensuring to input an Ethereum (ERC 20) receiving wallet address for the NFT airdrop. Proceed to the order module to select the desired NFT quantity and complete the purchase. During the ongoing NFT presale, accepted cryptocurrencies are BNB, Bitcoin, and Ethereum. Once the purchase is completed, the MetaGoblin NFTs will reflect in the registrant’s NFT launchpad account.

Benefits of Minting During NFT Presale 

Minting during the presale avoids ‘Gas Wars,’ a common occurrence when thousands of people attempt to Mint an NFT of the same collection at the same time, causing increased driving Ethereum Blockchain transaction fees. MetaBlaze has committed to cover all presale-purchased NFT mint fees. The NFT distribution will be entirely randomized, creating an equal opportunity environment to acquire the most valuable NFTs within the collection.

The presale is a chance to mint a MetaGoblin NFT at a lower price before the the trading value potentially skyrockets on OpenSea, the leading NFT Marketplace. With Such robust utility and a well-structured ecosystem, this may become the Next Trending NFT collection  

Minted NFTs will be airdropped to rightfuthwell-strucuturedl owners during the reveal upon public mint scheduled for early July 2022. To Mint a MetaGoblin during the NFT presale, visit



MetaBlaze, creators of MetaGoblin NFTs, is a blockchain-based gaming company with a multi-chain cryptocurrency token, MBLZ, built on the Binance Smart Chain and the Ethereum Blockchain. MetaBlaze merges popular elements of DeFi and GameFi to create a synergistic ecosystem of web 3 technologies.

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