LiveTree Announces ICO to Take on the $500 Billion Hollywood Industry

Dec 06, 2017 at 19:00 // News

When the financial industry crashed in 2008, it left in its’ wake the greatest financial crisis in modern and a decade worth of economic turbulence. Career progression, especially in the creative industries been hit hard by shrinking budgets, and is now dependent on personal connections, private wealth and insider knowledge rather than talent and dedication.

LiveTree is set to address this problem through its Advanced Decentralized Entertainment Platform for Transparent distribution, ADEPT targeting the $500bn film, TV and content industry.

LiveTree is a film, TV, and content creation and distribution company that has already captured 5% of the UK entertainment crowdfunding market in the last 2 years. The company has instituted partnerships with several high-profile establishments including The British Film Institute, Red Rock Entertainment, the Screen Arts Institute, and also boasts of over 14,000 industry suppliers worldwide.

ADEPT is LiveTree’s migration of its existing business to the most disruptive technology in existence, the blockchain. ADEPT is designed and built on proven experiences from existing businesses. The platform goes beyond crowdfunding, it seeks to usher in the future of the entertainment industry, a future where  the creative and commercial skills needed to produce, market and distribute content work in synergy rather than in opposition. It allows creatives to create within the safety net of a market-driven approach to distribution and investment and facilitates distributors with access to a direct pipeline of premium new content.

Backers will have more choice in what they invest in and how through a transparent, secure, and decentralized how they invest in creativity. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, ADEPT empowers content creation by enabling creators to seamlessly connect with the global community to develop projects without third-party interferences. 

The platform facilities peer-to-peer to sustainable, mutually rewarding scenarios that financially motivate everyone involved to help make the project a success through smart contracts. Smart contract integration will help parties negotiate mutually beneficial terms, eliminate legal overheads, lower barriers to entry and open the door to new forms of collaboration, funding and distribution.

ADEPT Ecosystem

Leveraging blockchain technology, LiveTree ADEPT is set to disrupt the entertainment industry through groundbreaking key features including:

Digital Rights Management: Ownership and distribution of video intellectual property will be moved to the blockchain, enabling creators to earn from direct distribution to their audience through subscriptions and pay-per-view models. They are also guaranteed revenue from ads. Blossom TV will be the new digital channel distributing these community powered content.

Legal contracts: The burdensome, cumbersome and costly traditional contract system for content production financing and distribution will be replaced by ADEPT smart contracts, reducing costs and fostering fan community gamification.

Digital Token: ADEPT ecosystem will be driven by the Ethereum ECR20 “LiveTree Seed” digital token. This token will be used in the settlement of all subscription fees, legal fees and funding costs. LiveTree will be offering 35 million Seed tokens to early adopters on Friday December 1st during the platform’s pre-sale event. LiveTree hopes to raise up to $50 million through a token sale for the further development of the ADEPT platform.

LiveTree Roadmap

LiveTree ADEPT has a 5-year roadmap to capture market share. In addition to the ADEPT community approach, LiveTree will license films specifically for ADEPT through LiveTree Incubators fund, this is expected to generate significant Seed value. Incubators in LA, London and NYC will produce LiveTree Blossom TV “Originals” which will be used to further increase the value of the token, while promoting mainstream adoption of Blossom TV.

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