Libellum: Offering Instant Supplier Verification Through Blockchain Technology

Aug 19, 2018 at 13:46 // PR
E-commerce and Third Party sellers are growing rapidly and the need for verified suppliers is growing exponentially, as many buyers fall victim to the scams of illegitimate suppliers.

Hong Kong-based IT company Libellum Ltd has announced the launch of its innovative new supplier verification, product certification, and compliance platform. Libellum aims to make purchasing from China as secure as possible by blockchain technology as well as partnering with the world’s largest third-party testing companies. E-commerce and Third Party sellers are growing rapidly and the need for verified suppliers is growing exponentially, as many buyers fall victim to the scams of illegitimate suppliers.

One of the biggest problems in the import/export industry is that buyers have no simple and easy way to verify the legitimacy of suppliers from overseas. Libellum works to solve this problem by enabling consumers and buyers to lookup certificate numbers or test reports, which are issued by testing and certification companies on the platform. Within a few simple clicks, buyers will be able to locate a supplier’s certificate on the platform and ascertain whether or not it has been issued by a third party test laboratory. 

Libellum is already involved in talks and preliminary partnerships with some of the largest third-party testing laboratories in the world (under NDA). The company has also already confirmed a partnership with one of Germany’s largest Third Party testing laboratory. Through working in the import/export industry for almost 20 years our CEO, Manuel Becvar has built a large and unique network with the Top 20 testing laboratories in the world as well as thousands of factories within Asia. 

Libellum CEO, Manuel Becvar offered these words about the platform:

“This is very exciting for retailers, eCommerce sellers, regulatory bodies, authorities and importers around the world. It has been my mission to help buyers verify suppliers from China and Asia for many years. I already give people advice via my  educational blog and guidelines on how they can verify suppliers by following a detailed and sometimes (unavoidable) costly background check, but Libellum makes supplier verification simple, fast and affordable”.

Libellum is expected to launch its MVP (Minimum Viable Product) by February 2019. After integrating third parties API’s as well as uploading thousands of existing certificates/reports from various third party testing companies – Libellum will launch its fully functional platform by April/May 2019. Libellum is holding an early investor token sale (open for investors already) as well as a pre-sale to fund the further development of the platform. Part of the development and concept phase has been funded privately by its CEO. 

About Libellum 

Libellum is incorporated in Hong Kong and founded by Manuel Becvar, ecommerce seller and entrepreneur who has been living in Hong Kong, China for the last 13 years. Co-Founder and COO is Duncan Cassar who is a Blockchain Enthusiast, Social Media and Brand Building expert. The Project, Legal, Advisor and Development team comprised of 6 people is based in Switzerland and Serbia. 

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